LG goes extreme with new 4K OLED gaming monitor with insane 480Hz refresh rate

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Following the announcement of its new AI-enhanced soundbar lineup, LG is taking things a step further for its 2024 product lineup with a slew of awesome products tailored for the gamers in us all.

The LG UltraGear 32-inch 4K OLED monitor is being touted as the world’s first-of-its-kind that leverages new Dual-Hz and Pixel Sound features that aim to deliver ever-enhanced gaming immersion.

A new 34-inch and 39-inch curved UltraWide Quad-HD monitor set has also been unveiled, the former of which has already been crowned a CES 2024 Innovation Award winner. The two sport a 21:9 aspect ratio over an 800R curvature and OLED panels that promise crystal-clear gaming performance.

As with most of LG’s recent product announcements, the entire breadth of the UltraGear gaming monitor lineup will be on display at CES 2024, showing those in attendance a first look at the monitor innovations in person.

The power of Pixel Sound and Dual-Hz

LG UltraGear monitors 2024

(Image credit: LG)

LG is aiming the spotlight this year on its 32GS95UE, a 4K OLED gaming monitor with some serious underlying firepower. While it sports all the most common game-centric display technologies, like an ultra-fast 0.03ms Gray-to-Gray (GtG) response time, slimmed screen bezels, and a 240Hz refresh rate, the most tantalizing additions prove to be its newest upgrades.

With the literal tap of a hotkey, LG’s new Dual-Hz mode allows users to switch from 4K (3840 x 2160p) at 240Hz to Full-HD (1920 x 1080p) at 480Hz, a mind-blowingly-fast refresh rate for buttery smooth gameplay. LG explains the new feature as a way for gamers to get the most optimized performance for the specific game genre on screen, like 480Hz for first person shooters.

In the audio department, LG is going the extra mile by adding a set of two front-facing woofers integrated into the OLED panel for a clean look. Its Pixel Sound feature allows the monitor three-dimensional sound and support for DTS Virtual:X, an unheard-of inclusion as most monitors tend to lack any speaker system at all.

It’s entirely too early to tell yet if the 32GS95UE will be the best gaming monitor on the market, as we do still have a pair of upcoming curved options that might spell disaster for LG’s shining new feat.

It’s all in the curves

Already stamped with the prestigious CES 2024 Innovation Award win, the LG 34-inch UltraWide Quad-HD OLED is certainly a mouthful but promises the new anti-glare and low reflection coating will impress.

It, like its 39-inch brethren (the 39GS95QE), will leverage an 800R curved 21:9 aspect ratio on the aforementioned 3440 by 1400p resolution. They both also have a 0.03ms GtG response time, 240Hz refresh rate and a 4-side borderless design for seamless integration into any gaming setup.

These new OLED UltraGear monitors will also come equipped with LG’s slim L stand, which was introduced earlier this year, in addition to a new Unity Hexagonal rear cover for keeping the rat’s nest at bay.

Following a rather lackluster year for LG in terms of its curved gaming monitor options, as it missed the boat on our own best models of the year, the display firm might be aiming for a rekindling this coming 2024. But the 34GS95QE and the 39GS95QE still aren’t the only monitors LG is debuting.

Going big and small

If the latter three gaming monitors just weren’t enough, LG also touted three other additions in the form of a 27-incher and a dual 45-inch lineup. At an 800R curvature on an UltraWide QHD resolution is the 45GS96QB, a behemoth of a curved gaming monitor with still as of yet unknown metrics, like response times and refresh rate.

The 27GS95QE and the 45GS95QE are yet another pair of flat OLEDs that are VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 certified for the most optimal brightness levels. They take up after the previous year’s 45GR95QE and 27GR95QE models, respectively.

LG has not yet specific pricing on any of its new UltraGear monitors and those interested may have to wait until CES 2024 to find out. In the meantime, you can marvel at the true wonder of wireless TV that is the LG M3 OLED in the lead up to all the exciting reveals in Las Vegas come January.

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