AI for your ears — new LG soundbars can auto-calibrate Dolby Atmos based on your room’s acoustics

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With CES 2024 just around the corner, a slew of product reveals is in store with the first set being LG’s upcoming soundbar lineup. 

The 2024 soundbars as presented by LG in its press release hinge primarily on TV synergy and audio immersion using several features that make them stand out from the crowd: The two newest soundbar models in its lineup include the SG10T and S70TY, while the S95TR is an upgraded version of LG’s S95QR from 2023. 

Among the features coming to next year's lineup is a new AI Room Calibration feature that "rapidly analyzes the environment of a room and adjusts the settings" both for the front and rear surround speakers. Using newly designed internals and a rich feature set that is expertly paired with specific LG TVs, these new soundbars could prove to make a world of difference in your everyday entertainment consumption — provided you have an LG TV to pair alongside them. 

 Meet LG's new 15-channel Dolby Atmos beast

As already mentioned, LG’s new 2024 soundbar lineup consists of three main products: the S95TR, SG10T, and S70TY. They’re listed in accordance with their general market, with the S95TR being LG’s flagship model. 

Given its premium nature, the S95TR comes kitted with all the bells and whistles, including 15 channels, 810W of total power output, and a list of internal upgrades to set it apart from the previous S95QR iteration. The size of the soundbar has been increased slightly to better compensate for these internal improvements. 

The S95TR will use an enhanced passive radiator and a set of upgraded tweeters for impeccable audio quality and boosted bass. Its five dedicated upward firing drivers will also make it quite a beast for those who love Dolby Atmos, but do note that this is a wired product as opposed to the other new LG offerings.

LG S95TR soundbar

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On that topic, the new LG SG10T is a wireless soundbar with some neat tricks up its sleeve. The most obvious one is its ultra-thin design that’s intended to make wall mounting far easier and fit more cleanly with LG’s G series OLEDs, like the LG G3 OLED, which the soundbar specifically caters to.

In the more mid-range category is the S70TY, yet another wireless soundbar built specifically for LG’s QNED TV models. It’s set to leverage LG’s up-firing channel speakers and is intended to aesthetically match with the LG QNED80, QNED85, QNED90, QNED95, and LG QNED99 TVs.

There’s little else LG announced in terms of exciting internals on the new soundbar models and pricing remains a question mark most likely until CES 2024. 

The company did, however, highlight some key features that will make these models turn your TV viewing experience into a draw dropping spectacle.

Enhanced TV audio immersion...for LG TVs

So which of the features are specific to LG TVs? Leveraging the WoWCast feature, soundbars — like the aforementioned SG10T and S70TY — can wirelessly send Dolby Atmos sound to other compatible devices, such as LG TVs and even alternative LG soundbars.

LG’s Wow Orchestra, a feature that allows both the TV and soundbar to work in tandem for perfected sound quality, is also being improved and included on newer LG soundbar models. 

Finally, the newly introduced Triple Level Spatial Sound technology is also an exciting new addition on LG soundbars, gifting them, as the press release states, “lifelike sound and a compelling sense of space.” The feature uses a 3D engine to analyze channels for the most optimal and immersive sounds possible. The good news is that this one should work regardless of whether you own an LG TV or not.

Those in attendance at CES 2024 in January can get a special taste of LG’s new soundbars and the delectable audio enhancements they provide to the home cinema. LG will be in the Central Hall of the LAs Vegas Convention Center at booth #15501. 

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