Leaked Pixel Fold promo reveals Google's foldable will be missing a key feature at launch

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If one leaked Google Pixel Fold promo wasn’t enough, you’ll be happy to hear that a second one has hit the web less than three hours before Google I/O 2023 is due to commence. While the last promo was focusing on Google’s partnership with the NBA, this one seems to be all about the foldable.

Like the Pixel 7a promo that hit the net earlier today, this appears to be an official marketing video produced by Google. Only it landed in the hands of leaker SnoopyTech, who promptly posted it on Twitter.

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So what does this promo reveal? Not a lot we haven’t already seen, and the design of the phone matches just about every other leak out there — chunky bezels and all. The focus is, of course, that this is a foldable made by Google — complete with all those unfolding features. 

But a quick disclaimer at the bottom of the page reveals that proper dual screen support may not be ready until Fall 2023.

Considering the Pixel Fold is set to launch later today, and is rumored to be going on general sale towards the end of June, that’s not a particularly good look for Google. How bad that situation might be isn’t clear, and we’ll have to wait until the Pixel Fold arrives to see what it can (or can’t) do.

Google is also emphasizing the thickness of the phone, and claims this is the thinnest foldable yet. Which rumors say is true, but only by fractions of an inch. Still, if you’re tired of a chunky Galaxy Z Fold 4, this may be rather appealing to you.

You can follow the latest and best Pixel Fold news over in our Google I/O 2023 live blog, alongside all the other news and announcements from the conference. The keynote presentation kicks off at 1 p.m. ET or 10 a.m. PT.

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