Google Pixel Fold promo leak gives us our best look at the foldable yet

Google pixel fold leaked promo
(Image credit: Google)

Google’s never been particularly good at preventing leaks, and the run-up to Google I/O 2023 has been no exception. With the keynote presentation just hours away, the final leaks are making their way online —including what looks like a promo video for the Google Pixel Fold.

Surprisingly this video comes directly from the Google Pixel Twitter account and seems to be a tie-in between the Pixel Fold and the NBA. It’s not clear why this video was posted ahead of I/O or if it was accidentally posted early, but it hasn’t been deleted yet.

The video itself features a number of NBA stars using the Pixel Fold in a variety of situations. Situations that just so happen to involve the Pixel Fold’s various features. That includes taking selfies with Google Assistant, making video calls, and swapping between the foldable’s cover and inner displays.

It also gives us a very good look at the phone itself, and from a variety of different angles. There are no real surprises if you’ve kept up to date with Pixel Fold rumors, and the design looks virtually identical to renders we’ve seen. That includes the camera bar, the hefty bezel round the inner screen and so on.

While multiple images show off the Pixel Fold with virtually no crease, I did spot a hint of one in this video. But exactly how prominent it will be on a release model isn’t entirely clear, and can't really be determined from the short snippets we see in this promo.

That’s not all, either. An official-looking Google Pixel 7a promo leaked earlier today as well. That shows off various marketing renders of the phone, and shows it in much greater detail than this NBA promo.

But no doubt we’ll be seeing the Pixel Fold equivalent later today during the Google I/O keynote presentation. The show kicks off at 1 p.m. ET, and you can watch the Google I/O live stream to see all the announcements as and when they happen. Or tune into our Google I/O 2023 live blog to see all the latest rumors and news ahead of the announcements.

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