Justice League Snyder Cut release date revealed — and it's coming soon

Justice League Snyder Cut release date
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We finally have the Justice League Snyder Cut release date! Yes, after years of fan demand for the re-cut release from the man who was supposed to bring the Justice League to the big screen, the epic film will come out on March 18. 

Zack Snyder himself announced the news in a tweet, with a poster for the movie. The graphic, the Justice League "JL" logo in smashed stone, is captioned with one word in his tweet: "Fallen."

Yes, while many were falling over themselves to watch WandaVision episode 4 as fast as possible (we get it, and you should), Snyder was announcing the release date that his fans have been waiting for.

We learned that the Justice League Snyder Cut was coming on May 20, 2020. On on a Zoom call with fans, after his Man of Steel watch party, Snyder claimed the release of the Snyder Cut was not something he could control. 

But then Henry Cavill, Supes himself, got Snyder to reveal a photo that announced the movie was coming to HBO Max. 

What is the Snyder Cut?

Zack Snyder was the original director of the 2017 DCEU movie Justice League, but due to personal reasons, he had to leave the film's production before it was done. DC brought Joss Whedon in, who apparently changed a lot around. A vocal section of the fanbase hated what the Buffy show-runner had done to the dark Snyder-verse, and demanded The Snyder Cut be released.

The Snyder Cut is rumored to be upwards of four hours long, and there's been some possibility it could be released in multiple chapters. This poster doesn't confirm nor deny the possibility of a split-up Snyder Cut — which would basically be a miniseries.

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