IKEA's $39 accessory turns your table into a wireless charger — here's how it works

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Wireless charging is a convenient technology that can be seen in a lot of industry-leading flagship devices, including Apple's new iPhone 13 and Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3. This feature is handy to have, though even some of the best wireless chargers can clutter up your workspace since the vast majority still involve a pad that rests on a surface and a cable that powers up the accessory.

Some manufacturers produce tables with built-in wireless chargers, but this luxury usually comes at a hefty price. That won't be an issue with IKEA's new accessory titled Sjömärke. This handy accessory costs just $38 and can attach to almost any table from underneath while providing wireless charging to your phone on top of your desk. 

The charging accessory is made of aluminum and plastic materials and measures at 7 x 3 inches. Put simply, Sjömärke works through any table, be it plastic or wood, so long as it meets the basic requirements.

Those requirements include a minimum distance of around three-eighths of an inch and a maximum of seven-eighths of an inch in order to function properly, so the thickness of your tabletop should fall within that range. But since most tables easily meet these measurements, you'll have no trouble installing Sjömärke underneath yours. (Make sure to double check how thick your desk is just in case, though.)

You can attach Sjömärke using either the included double-sided tape or you can even screw it on once you've found a perfect spot for it. Keep in mind that although the device has the screw holes, the screws themselves are not included, so you'll have to provide your own. 

IKEA Sjömärke wireless charging pad

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If you're curious about setting Sjömärke up, you can look through all of the assembly steps using IKEA's manual. The device also comes with a 6-foot long power cable as well as a few stickers to help you mark the location of the mounting. And once your charging pad is safely attached to your table, all you have to do is pop your smartphone on your tabletop right above the installation spot. Please do make sure that your phone supports wireless charging in the first place.

But a table is not the only surface that you can attach the Sjömärke to. This accessory is versatile enough to be mounted on a side table, bedside table or a shelf.

And even though you won't be able to see the Sjömärke when it's in use, you can always check on its LED indicators, which show the charging status of your device as well as temperature and power monitoring for safety purposes. 

One thing to keep in mind is that although IKEA's charging accessory is compatible with an array of devices, it only offers 5W charging. This means that it'll take a longer time to charge your device than other known fast wireless chargers on the market. For reference, Apple's own line of MagSafe chargers currently offer up to 15W. 

According to The Verge, the Sjömärke will be available for purchase both in-stores and online in the U.S. as well as worldwide starting October. 

Even with the slower speeds, IKEA's wireless charging accessory is worth considering, given that most of its pricier competitors won't offer through-the-surface charging. And now that the holiday season is approaching, it may be a useful gift idea too. 

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