PS5 restock tracker: A 'huge' shipment is happening this week

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Even with the calendar tipping over into 2021, PS5 consoles remain like gold dust, with new stock being bought up almost the second it appears. For that reason, the chances of landing one simply by luck are pretty slim, and it’s helpful to know exactly when restock is due to land.

According to one source, the UK is set to get a “huge” third wave of PS5 consoles this week. @PS5Instant — a Twitter account that uses bots to keep track of UK PS5s as they go in and out of stock — claims that a third shipment of consoles should hit “most retailers” on Thursday 7 and Tuesday 12 January.  It's not clear whether these dates will coincide with U.S. retailer plans.

That suggests that the usual suspects of Amazon, Currys and Game will all be getting units to ship, but the account name checks a couple of broadband and phone networks as getting stock: BT and EE.

However, it sounds like the option to buy from these carriers may only be open to those with existing contracts

Elsewhere, the account also mentions that Asda may be in receipt of a delayed shipment as early as today, though this is predicted with less confidence. Wherever you buy from, the account is optimistic that this is a generous shipment that should ensure determined buyers get one soon enough. “The next drop is huge, anyone who REALLY wants one will get it,” the account wrote in one tweet.    

Of course, these claims are unverifiable, but if you’re on the hunt for a PS5, it certainly doesn’t hurt to set a reminder to check stock on January 7. The PS5 has been extremely difficult to get hold of in the UK since it launched on 19 November, and those without a pre-order had to be very lucky indeed. Even some of those with a pre-order were left disappointed as for some still unexplained reason, certain Amazon shipments were replaced with toys and boxes of cat food.

The good news for those without a PS5 so far is that they’re not missing too much at this point in the console’s life. The system needs a few more exclusives before it’s truly worth the hype, and for me personally the best thing about being an early adopter has been playing old co-op games with my girlfriend via backwards compatibility and my recently retired PS4.

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