How to watch Hubie Halloween on Netflix: Stream Adam Sandler's Halloween movie

How to watch Hubie Halloween
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Hubie Halloween release date, cast

Release dates: Oct. 7, 2020
Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, Rob Schneider
Running time: 1 hr. 43 min.

Ok, Sandler-holics, are you ready to watch Hubie Halloween on Netflix? Yes, the Uncut Gems lead is back to doing what he does best: goofy humor. And this time, Sandler's taking on a holiday he's yet to face outside of Weekend Update: Halloween.

The movie sees Adam Sandler star as the titular Hubie Dubois, a resident of Salem, MA, one of the biggest towns in horror movie lore. He's not exactly popular, though, because while he loves Halloween, he loves safety even more. But when horror strikes, it appears he might be just what his fellow citizens need. 

Sandler's brought in all of his friends, and even some folks you might not have expected. Regulars including Kevin James, Rob Schneider and Tim Meadows co-star, and you'll get blasts from days of SNL-old as Colin Quinn makes an appearance. Even Ben Stiller shows up in this film.

Oh, and even though you might not remember it, but this film also sees Sandler reunite with Happy Gilmore co-star Julie Bowen (Modern Family). Bowen plays Violet Valentine, a love interest of Hubie's who's seemingly the only person in town who finds him to not be a total annoyance.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Hubie Halloween on Netflix.

How to watch Hubie Halloween from anywhere, with a VPN

If you're away from home, in a country with geo-restrictions that won't let you watch Netflix (and that's saying something), you don't need to miss out. It's pretty easy with the right VPN (virtual private network) to stream the show from wherever you go.

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How to watch Hubie Halloween in the US

If you're in the U.S., Hubie Halloween is ready for you right now. It dropped today, Oct. 7, early in the morning.


Hubie Halloween is the latest horror movie on Netflix. The streaming service has a huge library of licensed content, but it's really earned its spot as the best streaming service with all of their buzzy original series, including Nailed It, Sugar Rush, The Big Flower Fight and Queer Eye.

How to watch Hubie Halloween in the UK and anywhere else on earth

Good news! Hubie Halloween is also available on Netflix around the world, so everyone in the U.K. and beyond can see the Sandman's latest.


Hubie Halloween is also available on Netflix internationally. Netflix doesn't always offer the same shows and movies to everyone, so we were slightly worried. But Netflix originals do typically have the same release date everywhere.

Hubie Halloween trailer

Hubi Halloween's trailer shows how odd Salem, MA is, as Hubie Dubois, who is extremely nice but not exactly popular. A perpetual wet blanket, bullied by the community, Hubie's appreciated by Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen), and few others. Even the church folk bully him.

But that's when things get spooky on Halloween. Hubie's safety-first mindset may prove the only thing standing between the Salem folks and a mysterious new neighbor and an escaped criminal. Lord knows if anyone will listen to him, though.

Hubie Halloween reviews

It's to be expected that a goofy Adam Sandler comedy is getting savaged by critics, but some have met the film with lowered expectations, and come out unscathed. 

TV Guide

At DigitalSpy, Gabriella Geisinger says "Don't get us wrong, we love a bit of slapstick as much as anyone but there's only so many times Adam Sandler can careen over his bicycle handlebars or overreact to a jump scare before it becomes flat-out boring."

For Variety, Guy Lodge notes "Sandler’s mugging is sort of exhaustingly impressive on its own terms. The actor’s recent change-of-pace role in Uncut Gems may have earned him critical plaudits for 'real' acting, but there’s method and skill in this kind of shrill physical showmanship, even when it appears to be his default setting," though he also calls the film " too cheerfully, indifferently silly to raise much ire."

The most positive review is from Polygon, where Karen Han writes "Hubie Halloween doesn’t ultimately have too much to offer besides a brief, minimally spooky distraction, but it’s better than some of Sandler’s other Netflix flicks (The Do-Over, The Ridiculous 6). It has more in common with the best of his Netflix efforts so far, Sandy Wexler, in how earnest its energy is."

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