Google Pixel Fold could feature 'the most durable hinge on a foldable'

Google Pixel Fold
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More Google Pixel Fold details have been revealed thanks to reporting on "internal documents and images" seen by CNBC, seemingly confirming existing rumors and offering insight into some potential key selling points of the new foldable.

To start with, CNBC claims the Pixel Fold will use a 7.6-inch main display and a 5.8-inch cover display, and will weigh about 10 ounces. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Pixel Fold would in theory have an identical inner display size, but a smaller cover screen and greater weight. To make matters worse for Google, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is rumored to decrease the mass of Samsung's largest foldable further.

An extra-tough hinge

One interesting design claim from CNBC's reporting that we've not seen before is that Google will apparently sell the Pixel Fold as having "the most durable hinge on a foldable." 

The world "durable" here is a bit vague. But since most other foldable phone makers boast about how many folds their phones are guaranteed to make before getting damaged, we'd expect Google to make similar claims about how many hundreds of thousands of times you can open and close the Pixel Fold without fear of breakage.

CNBC also claims the Pixel Fold will be water-resistant. This is something we've seen on the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series already, and is a welcome addition to make these fragile devices a bit more durable. Hopefully, Google can match the same IPX8 rating that Samsung's foldables offer.

For internal hardware, CNBC says Google will be using the Tensor G2 chip, as seen in the Pixel 7 series, to power the Pixel Fold. This is a rumor we've heard several times before, plus it makes sense for Google to use its latest chipset for its new foldable, while keeping the next-gen Tensor to debut on the Pixel 8 series, expected towards the end of this year.

The report doesn't say how large the Pixel Fold's battery is, but it's apparently a larger cell than the 4,400 mAh cell in the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and should be good for 24 hours of usage. It'll also offer a low-power mode which promises up to 72 hours of more limited use.

For all these features, Google will apparently be charging over $1,700 for the Pixel Fold. Since the Galaxy Z Fold 4 sells for about $1,800, we'd imagine Google will aim for a similar price tag, although there have been rumors that Google would go for an aggressively lower price, similar to how it positions its regular Pixel flagships.

Pre-order offers

In more positive news, CNBC reports that Google will be offering a free Pixel Watch as a pre-order incentive for the Pixel Fold, as well as offering trade-in discounts for users' current Android or iPhone devices. Hopefully getting a smartwatch bundled in, or a few hundred dollars off in return for your old phone, will take the edge off of the high starting price.

We should see Google's official Pixel Fold announcement on May 10 at Google I/O 2023, with the phone then going on sale at the end of June, according to earlier leaks. We have heard that the mid-priced Pixel 7a will likely be there too, and we should be hearing more about Android 14 and other ongoing Google projects as well.

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