Google Pixel Tablet leak just revealed all the key specs

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Google first told us about the Google Pixel Tablet last May but, despite all that time, there are still a bunch of things we don’t know about it. Fortunately a new leak may fill in those missing gaps, and reveal some key Pixel Tablet specs. All courtesy of sources speaking to 9to5Google.

Those sources claim the Pixel Tablet will come with the Tensor G2 chipset and 8GB of RAM, alongside two different storage options. It’s not stated what those storage options are, but we suspect that 128GB and 256GB are the options we’re most likely to see.

Those sources also claim the Charging Speaker Dock, which has already leaked multiple times, will be included in the box. That means your Pixel Tablet can function as a Smart Home Hub without making you spend any extra money. Apparently the mysterious third button on the side of the tablet will be a privacy switch, as previously speculated, further cementing the device as a smart home display.

The tablet will connect to the doc via the rear pogo pins, which will supply power. Sadly the tablet will apparently not have a USB-C charging brick in the box, which will set you back an extra $25 if you don’t already have a suitable power source.

Colors and cases

Google Pixel Tablet

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Two more colors are also said to be coming, alongside the green and beige models that have already been seen. What those colors are hasn’t been divulged, but the tablet is said to have an “aluminum body with a nanoceramic finish” — supposedly akin to porcelain. 

Finally Google is said to be offering an official Pixel Tablet case, while the device itself will run on Android 13 — as we expected. 9to5Google claims that the sources didn’t divulge a release date, but another has tipped the device for a June release.

Expect to hear all about the Google Pixel Tablet at Google I/O 2023 on May 10, alongside plenty of other products. Recent rumors suggest the Google Pixel 7a will go on sale almost immediately after the keynote presentation, while the Google Pixel Fold may go on sale on June 27.

The event may also include our first look at the Pixel 8 series, plenty of details about the upcoming Android 14, and other major Google announcements for the year ahead. 

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