Google Pixel 8 just leaked by Google itself — here’s your first look [Update]

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You would imagine that Google would love to take the spotlight away from Apple’s iPhone 15 announcement next month, but it’s hard to say if the company’s recent Pixel 8 Pro leak is accidental. The unannounced Pixel flagship was recently spotted just chilling in plain view on a Google Store page, which was eventually taken down. It really does make us wonder if it was accidental or not, given Google’s past history of notoriously leaking its own phones.

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Update: Google has announced that the Google event will take place October 4, which is where we'll see the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro unveiled. 

The image shows a man placing a phone call with the phone in question, which features the noticeable camera arrangement and bump used by the last couple generations of the flagship. One of the more obvious clues that it’s indeed the Google Pixel 8 Pro is the phone’s color — porcelain — which was speculated as one of the four color options when the phone’s wallpapers were leaked back in June.

Another clue that distinguishes it as the Pixel 8 Pro is a closer look at the camera arrangement. It lines up with past leaks that show a wider cutout that encompasses all three lenses on the back. That’s one of the main differences between it and the current Pixel 7 Pro, which has one cutout that covers the main and ultrawide lens — and a separate one for the telephoto lens.

Man holding Google Pixel 8 Pro in hand.

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While these two clues certainly support that it’s the Pixel 8 Pro, Google itself makes it undeniably clear based on the image’s alt-text description. According to @Android_Setting on Twitter / X, the image’s alt-text description reads: “A person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain.” Ironically, Google followed its own guidelines to be more SEO-friendly for its own algorithm.

While we’re getting our closest look at the Pixel 8 Pro from the source, Google will need to prove its upcoming flagship has what it takes to steal the thunder away from Apple. So far, the most meaningful upgrades are expected around its cameras, with more emphasis on the software features — like a redesigned camera interface and a new Video Unblur feature.

Additionally, it’s rumored to pack in a new camera sensor that could capture 35% more light for better low light performance. Over on the video side, it’s expected to make the leap to 8K video capture resolution courtesy of the Tensor 3 chip. Speaking of its processor, the Tensor 3 is said to be a serious performance boost — but only time will tell if it can keep up with Apple’s expected A17 Bionic chip that’s believed to be using the 3nm manufacturing process.

The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will likely be introduced at an October event, seeing that this is what Google has historically done with its last two Pixel phones.

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