Google Pixel 8’s secret weapon just leaked on video

Pixel 8 renders
(Image credit: OnLeaks + MySmartPrice)

When Google launched the Pixel 6, the company went big on promoting its clever Magic Eraser feature, which uses AI to remove unwanted photobombers from your snaps in seconds.

Two years later, it looks like Google has an auditory version lined up to get rid of unwanted sounds on video for the upcoming Pixel 8.

The source of this isn’t an established leaker — in fact, it’s a brand new Twitter/X account with the catchy name of @EZ8622647227573, so it could be anyone — but the included video feels a lot like an official Google promo.

In it, we see a video of a woman on a skateboard edited on a Pixel 8. The user taps a button labeled “Audio Magic Eraser” which then identifies the sounds of the video, before allowing “Noise”, “People” and “Music” to be adjusted via a slider.

“The only phone with Audio Magic Eraser,” a text on screen says before following up with “The only phone engineered by Google.” A stylish blue handset then appears on screen with the “Google Pixel 8” caption. 

While the camera array makes it look like a Pixel 8 Pro in the clip, the accompanying text just reads Pixel 8, and the tweet itself says it’s coming to the “Pixel 8 series” so hopefully it’s not just a Pro feature.

There shouldn’t be a technical reason why it can’t be part of both handsets. In the past, both the regular Pixel and Pixel Pro have used the same chipset, and that looks set to happen again with the Tensor G3 chip coming to the Pixel 8 family. 

Back in June, a leak describing the chip claimed the TPU would be getting a 100MHz boost, and that its improvements to neural processing would be a “considerable upgrade.” This might be some of the fruit of that improvement. 

Elsewhere, we’re apparently looking at even better photography, with a new 64MP ultrawide sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro and the possible introduction of staggered HDR on both models. There could also be brighter screens, though we’re not expecting the base storage to be upped

We still probably have a couple of months to go until we know for sure. In the past, Google has released new phones in the fall, with Pixels 1 through 7 all arriving in October, and it doesn’t seem likely that’ll change this time around, even with the Pixel Fold launch still fresh in the memory.  

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