Google Pixel 7a release date just tipped for May 10 [Update]

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Google is expected to reveal the Google Pixel 7a at Google I/O 2023 on May 10, but so far it’s been a little unclear as to when the budget Pixel might arrive in stores. Fortunately, a couple of new leaks suggest the launch is just around the corner.

Leaker Jon Prosser has predicted on Twitter that the Pixel 7a will be announced on May and will be available for purchase immediately. So the Pixel 7a release date could be May 10.

Prosser says that the 7a will come in four colors: Charcoal, Snow, Sea (light blue) and Coral (Google Store only). 

Previously, long time leaker SnoopyTech claims that the Pixel 7a is set to arrive at retailers “within the next 14 days”. If accurate that would mean retailers will start getting stock of the phone around 10 days before I/O’s keynote speech. 

It’s not impossible to envision a scenario where the Pixel 7a goes on sale within a few days of I/O’s opening presentation. At the very least we’d expect pre-orders to open immediately after the end of the presentation, as has happened with several Pixel phones in the past.

Snoopy also claims that the Pixel 7a won’t be coming in the rumored Jade color. That color will only be available as a case, while the phone itself was expected to come in black, white and potentially even sky blue.

Snoopy also notes that there’s no sign of the Google Pixel Fold just yet. However, Prosser says the Pixel Fold will be announced May 10 and pre-orders will open that day. The phone would then have a release date of June 27.

Stay tuned to our Pixel 7a hub for all the latest rumors and leaks, and be sure to check out our Google I/O 2023 page for the latest news. 

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