Google Pixel 7a renders give us our first good look at Google's upcoming budget phone

Google pixel 7a render sky blue color
(Image credit: OnLeaks/MySmartPrice)

In a month's time, we could get a preview of the Google Pixel 7a, with Google rumored to be showing off its next budget phone at May's Google I/O 2023. But you don't have to wait until then to get an idea of what the phone may look like thanks to some newly leaked Pixel 7a renders.

The renders, which come from the usually reputable OnLeaks and which were posted at MySmartPrice, show off a Pixel 7a that looks an awful lot like the Pixel 7 that came out last fall. That would be a consistent move for Google — the Pixel 6a took its visual cues from the Pixel 6, after all.

That seems to be happening again with the Pixel 7a, which retains the horizontal camera bar used in recent Google flagship phones. For the Pixel 7, Google turned to aluminum for the camera bar, replacing the plastic materials it had used in previous versions; the revamped camera bar also offered a matte finish. 9to5Google, in its report on the leaked renders, claims that the Pixel 7a will adopt that matte finish as well.

One thing that will set the Pixel 7a apart from its flagship predecessor is the bezels around the display — they're noticeably thicker than what the Pixel 7 offers. Again, that's a design holdover from the Pixel 6a.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of this leaked render is the presence of a new color of the Pixel 7a. In addition to the standard white and black versions, we also see a sky blue model. This would seemingly take the place of the Lemongrass color Google offered with the Pixel 6a.

Google Pixel 7a renders in black and white

(Image credit: OnLeaks/MySmartPrice)

If the identical looks didn't clue you in that the Pixel 7a is likely to be an iterative update for Google's budget phone, then other rumors about the device's specs should make the case. We're expecting the Pixel 7a to feature the same Tensor G2 chipset found in the Pixel 7 flagships, which should mean a host of new AI-powered features for the unannounced phone.

In terms of cameras, the renders confirm that we're keeping a dual rear camera array for the Pixel 7a. Rumors suggest the main lens will get a bump to a 64MP sensor, while Google continues to use a 12MP camera for the ultrawide lens. Storage options are tipped to go up to 256GB — the Pixel 6a came in just a lone 128GB version — and rumors suggest the phone will ship with 8GB of RAM.

The main selling point for past A Series devices from Google has been the price, which is usually a bit lower than what Google charges for its flagships. The Pixel 6a costs $449, though sales prices have dropped that amount recently as Google looks to clear the way for the Pixel 7a. The focus will be on whether Google keeps that $449 price for its new model.

We should find out soon enough. The Pixel 7a is likely to get a preview when Google I/O convenes on May 10. We're also expecting to see previews of the Pixel 8 and potentially a first look at the Pixel Fold, Google's long-rumored attempt at a foldable device.

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