Ginny and Georgia season 2: Finale contains huge clue about cliffhanger

Ginny and Georgia season 2: Ginny and Dallas riding away
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Where is Ginny and Georgia season 2 heading? A big, fat clue was right there, in plain sight, according to star Antonia Gentry. 

Ginny and Georgia's first season ended with a major cliffhanger, with daughter Ginny making a radical decision that will upend her relationship with mother Georgia. And as Gentry recently said in an interview with TVLine, the show dropped pretty clear hints as to how that decision plays out in Ginny and Georgia season 2.

Spoilers for Ginny and Georgia ahead! 

In the finale, Ginny plummets to an emotional low after her friends turn their backs on her for sleeping with bestie Max's brother, Mason. She's also fed up with her mom's secrets and lies, including the info that Georgia likely poisoned her ex-husband for getting handsy with Ginny. 

So, Ginny takes her little half-brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca), hops on a motorcycle and gets the hell out of Wellsbury. Destination unknown ... or is it? 

As Gentry told TVLine, "OK, well, if you’re paying attention, because there are a lot of Easter eggs and things that you can miss quickly if you don’t… I would say, watch the show with subtitles on."

She called out the scene where Ginny packs her bag with the book that her father, Zion, gave her for her 16th birthday. 

"If you were paying attention, when Zion arrives and is giving her the book, you know that he included an address," Gentry noted. "He has that secret coded message in it, and she finds out that it’s his address to his Boston apartment.

"So I’m thinking it’s pretty reasonable to assume that Ginny might be headed toward Zion, but I don’t want to tell people what to think, even though the clues are all there."

That destination is right in line with speculation by fans. It makes sense that Ginny would run away from her mother toward the father she adores. And Austin is also feeling betrayed by Georgia's deception about his own dad, so he hitches a ride. 

Of course, Zion is the first person that Georgia would probably check with after she discovers her kids are missing. Looks like we're in for fireworks, of the emotional kind, at the start of Ginny and Georgia season 2.

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