Ford teases an electric Maverick could be on the way

ford maverick all electric pickup truck
(Image credit: Ford)

Ford has already promised that it's going to be producing multiple electric trucks, and it seems that one of them is going to be based on the Ford Maverick.

This hint comes from Mike Levine, Ford’s North American product communications director, following the launch of the company's all-new plugless Maverick hybrid. No specs were teased, but the next Maverick-style Ford looks to be all-electric. 

And like the time Ford hinted that an electric Bronco could be on the way, this Maverick tease comes in the form of a blue neon silhouette. 

Levine also clarified that this isn’t just a random teaser, and the image does mean there’s a possibility of another all-electric pickup joining Ford’s ever-expanding line-up of electric vehicles.

The car in the silhouette might not simply be an electrified version of the standard and hybrid Maverick models. But going by the shape of the silhouette, the vehicle certainly looks a lot like the Maverick from a side-on glance. 

Now that's not to say this tease guarantees an all-electric Maverick is coming anytime soon. After all, anyone with a hankering for a more environmentally friendly Maverick has the option to buy the hybrid model, which Levine promises will give Maverick customers a way to “immediately make an impact reducing CO2” instead of having to resort to a gas-only truck.

Ford also released the new hybrid Maverick at an impressive $20,000 price tag. We're hoping that this lower price tag would also be reflected in a future electric model; considering the Ford F-150 Lightning starts at $40,000, and the Maverick is a smaller truck, it seems possible it could end up being the cheaper option.

Still, with all these new cars on the horizon, and the goal of ensuring at least 40% of its sales are from electric vehicles by 2030, it’s pretty clear Ford is taking the switch from gas to electric vehicles seriously.

Obviously the Mustang Mach-E is already on sale, and the F-150 Lightning is coming in early 2022. Plus, Ford has confirmed that an all-electric Explorer will be coming next. Then we have the rumored electric Bronco, and a still-unnamed electric vehicle, made in partnership with VW, that will be based on the ID.4. That's a pretty healthy line up of upcoming electric vehicles. 

We’ll bring you more on Ford’s surging electric expansion as and when we hear it. In the meantime, check out our picks for the best electric cars you can buy right now. 

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