Eight Sleep launches smart mattress that increases deep sleep by 34%

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress
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Eight Sleep has today unveiled its latest sleep-tracking mattress, the Pod Pro 3, calling it 'the ultimate sleep fitness machine’. According to the brand, the app-controlled system improves sleep quality by up to 32% and deep sleep by up to 34%. 

As deep sleep is vital for memory, learning, recovery (from physical activity), immunity and more, this new mattress technology is exciting and could be a game changer for people struggling with sub-par sleep.

The Pod Pro 3 also has twice the number of sensors compared to other Pods, and uses thermoregulating technology to help you drift off at the perfect temperature every night (which should help you sleep better). 

Eight Sleep makes some of the best mattresses for better sleep and for helping you to understand how to track and improve your shut-eye, and the quad-core CPU-powered Pod Pro 3 is a significant upgrade on anything it has released so far.

Here’s what you need to know about the brand’s latest smart mattress… 

Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 mattress: Release date, price

The Pod Pro 3 was launched on Wednesday 27 July 2022, and is now the most expensive mattress in the Eight Sleep range. The mattress is priced from $3,095 for the five-layer version, and from $3,695 for the six-layer Pod 3 Max.

Here’s the official pricing for the Pod Pro 3 five-layer mattress:

  • Full RRP - $3,095
  • Queen RRP - $3,395
  • King RRP - $3,795
  • Cal king - $3,795

Here’s the official pricing for the Pod 3 Max six-layer mattress:

  • Full RRP - $3,695
  • Queen RRP - $3,995
  • King RRP - $4,395
  • Cal king - $4,395
Save $150 on the Pod Pro 3 at Eight Sleep

Save $150 on the Pod Pro 3 at Eight Sleep
The sleep-boosting Pod Pro 3 and the Pod 3 Max are both featured in the new Eight Sleep mattress sale, with $150 off all sizes. That reduces the cost of a queen to $3,245 (was $3,395) for the Pod Pro 3, and $3,845 (was $3,995) for the Pod 3 Max. There’s a 100-night trial on both versions, with free returns and a two-year warranty. 

Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 mattress: Design

Eight Sleep is known for its sleep tracking mattresses designed with independent cooling and heating controls, enabling you and your partner to sleep at your ideal individual temperatures.

Image shows the various layers of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 mattress

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

For the Pod Pro 3 the brand has added a quad-core CPU to help it respond faster to changes in your sleep pattern throughout the night. It also has twice the number of sensors to better monitor your overall health, including heart rate.

The Pod Pro 3 comes in two versions: a five-layer mattress and a six-layer mattress (the Pod 3 Max). The difference between the two is the MaxChill layer in the Pod 3 Max. This layer is infused with silver, copper and graphite to quickly dissipate excess heat, making it a great cooling mattress for hot sleepers and people dealing with overheating and night sweats. 

The Pod Pro 3 has a medium-firm feel and sports a 1” ComfortBlend top, an Active Grid layer, plus an AirFlow Top layer, transition foam and a 4” layer of FlexSpring tech core that sits on top of a 4” base. The system also includes a bedside-dwelling Wi-Fi connected hub that you fill with water for cooling or heating the mattress.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 mattress: Features

If you’re familiar with the Eight Sleep Pod mattress range you’ll recognize many of the app-controlled Pod Pro 3’s features already. But there are a few new additions that could (we haven’t tested this model yet) make a big difference to your quality and depth of sleep.

Thermoregulation is a technology that Eight Sleep claims can improve your sleep quality by up to 32%, and increase your quota of deep sleep by up to 34% each night. The brand says this includes up to 44% faster sleep onset - great news for anyone who struggles to fall asleep at night.

The Pod Pro 3’s Active Grid Layer provides heating and cooling between 55℉ and 110℉ on each side. This means you can maintain the ideal sleep temperature for you, which in turn should boost your sleep quality and time spent in deep sleep. 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 mattress

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

The Pod automatically heats or cools before you go to bed so that by the time you climb in, your side of the bed is already at the perfect temperature to help you fall asleep faster. This Temperature Autopilot feature pretty much takes the guesswork out of it for you.

Eight Sleep also claims that following testing, the Pod Pro 3 increases your heart rate variability (HRV) by up to 19%. HRV helps you understand your recovery and fatigue, both of which can be impacted by sleep.

“Pod 3 is the next step for Eight Sleep to push the boundaries of what is possible for sleep technology that not only monitors your health, but also improves it." Says Dr. David He, Vice President of Research and Development at Eight Sleep. 

"The new sensing and computing hardware in Pod 3 allows for more complex biometric algorithms to be deployed, giving our members the best and most innovative features for restorative and preventative health."

The Eight Sleep app has also been upgraded, and via it you can control various aspects of the Pod Pro 3 and Pod 3 Max. You’ll be able to view your sleep reports (including your time spent in different stages of sleep), plus a suite of content designed to help you sleep better each night.

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