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The best Eight Sleep discount codes and deals in September 2020 - including $150 off the Pod mattress

The best Eight Sleep discount codes and deals right now
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Mattresses don’t get much smarter than the Eight Sleep Pod, and if you’re looking for the best Eight Sleep discount codes, deals, and savings, you’re in the right place. We've searched all the best Eight Sleep sales, and curated the biggest offers here on this page.

An Eight Sleep mattress is a premium choice for anyone looking for the best mattress because it comes packed with smart technology to help you fall asleep faster - and stay asleep.

There's sleep tracking, automated cooling and heating, HRV monitoring, gentle rise tech, and more. It's good news for couples, too - dual zones mean you can set each side of the Eight Sleep mattress to run on a separate temperature.

You also benefit from a 100-night trial when you buy the Eight Sleep mattress, which means you can test it properly in the comfort of your own home and make sure it's right for you. There's free shipping and returns too - and with regular cheap mattress deals to bring the price down, what’s not to love?  

Eight Sleep deal: Save $150 on the Eight Sleep Pod and get 20% off sleep accessories | Eight Sleep
If you want to catch up on some zees before the end of summer, this Eight Sleep deal gives you a $150 discount on the flagship Pod mattress, and will bag you 20% off sleep accessories too. Deal ends: September 7, 2020View Deal

Which Eight Sleep mattress should you buy?

Eight Sleep has two mattresses to choose between: The Pod, and The Pod Pro. The Pod is the cheapest of the two. It has an 11-inch, four-layer foam construction, and boasts advanced cooling and heating technology, plus smartphone compatibility. 

That means you can sync it up to your Eight Sleep app and track your sleep. You can also set a temperature for sleeping, which can differ from one side of the bed to the other - perfect for couples who bicker over duvet-hogging and AC settings. 

The Pod Pro has all this, and more, including ambient sensors that measure room temperature, humidity, and local weather, and react intelligently. It's an extra inch thicker, too, and comes with a contouring foam topper, GentleRise Wake Up Technology, and even heart rate tracking. If you’re keen to get advanced sleep and general health insight, this is the Eight Sleep mattress for you. 

Eight Sleep The Pod deals

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

1. Eight Sleep deals on The Pod mattress

The cheapest Eight Sleep mattress, with in-built smart cooling

Sizes: Four, including Full to Cal King | Depth: 11 inches | Filling: Foam | Turn: No | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years (foam), 2 years (technology layer) | RRP: $2,295 – $2,995

Dual-zone cooling and heating
Sleep tracking with free app
Silent temperature alarm
Not suitable for adjustable foundations

The Pod is the 'entry-level' Eight Sleep mattress. Designed to help you fall asleep faster and help you stay asleep, it comes with dynamic dual-zone cooling and heating technology, and learns your sleep patterns to wake you up at the right moment every morning. It also lets you connect your mattress to other smart home devices in your house.

The Pod is available in four sizes: Full, Queen, King, and Cal King - all of which will work on slatted or metal frames, as well as box spring or platform bases. It's made from four layers of premium foam, which aim to cushion and support you in all the right places. There's also an 'active grid tech cover', which is powered by a hub unit that pumps water through small tubes to warm or cool your mattress, depending on your preference. The Pod is controlled through an accompanying iOS and Android app in your smart phone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

(Image credit: Eight SLeep)

2. Eight Sleep The Pod Pro deals

This advanced smart mattress will enhance your sleep

Sizes: Four, including Full to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filling: Foam | Turn: No | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years (foam), 2 years (technology layer) | RRP: $2,795– $3,495

Measures your room temperature and humidity
Heart Rate Variability monitoring
Foam topper for added comfort
Not the cheapest

The Pod Pro is the Einstein of mattresses. As well as all the great tech packed into The Pod, it also boasts an added foam topper layer, which is designed to add pressure-point relief. It also offers 'room climate and weather response' functionality, using ambient sensors to detect the conditions locally, and in your room, and react accordingly. 

The Pod Pro offers you a daily health check too. Its in-built sensors can detect respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, allowing you to really tap into your health stats. 

One key element of good health is maintaining a regular sleep schedule, and The Pod Pro is designed to help with that as well. This Eight Sleep mattress has an in-built alarm clock, which works to adjust the temperature a few minutes prior to your wake up time, and gently vibrates at chest level on your side to silently wake you up. That means no more unwelcome wake up calls for your partner, and a less abrupt start to your day.

Do I need an Eight Sleep discount code?

In the Eight Sleep sales, you don't tend to need to add any discount codes or promo codes at checkout. Usually the discount is applied automatically at checkout, and any additional discounts on sleep accessories will be added when you've got The Pod or The Pod Pro mattress in your cart. 

Added accessories aren't just limited to mattress covers and foundations, either. You can find anything from Lavender Spray to Blue Light Sleep Glasses with a 20% saving in the Cool Sleep Sale, so check it out before you check out. 

Eight Sleep Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals in 2020: what we expect to see

This year, we've already seen Eight Sleep offers that beat last year's best Eight Sleep Black Friday deal. Then, we saw an Eight Sleep discount of $100 on the mattresses, plus a free Amazon Echo Dot - whereas this summer we've seen the same $100 discount, with 20 per cent off Eight Sleep accessories too. 

Eight Sleep also gave away a free sleep accessory (up to $300 in value) with every mattress sold during the Eight Sleep President's Day sale. While there were no Eight Sleep mattress discounts then, it was easy to add value to your order.

Overall, we're expecting to see some excellent Eight Sleep Black Friday deals in 2020, so watch this space. We'll be bringing you all the best offers, and any Eight Sleep discount codes you need to claim them, right here on this page.