Early Prime Day 2020 deal: Audible 12-month membership is $50 off

Audible app
(Image credit: Audible)

Amazon Prime Day is coming on October 13, but that’s not stopped the online retail giant from posting some early deals that are well worth a look. And the latest one is a great deal for fans of audiobooks. 

Amazon is currently offering all its Prime Members access to 12 months of Audible for $99.50 (opens in new tab).  It's one of the best early Prime Day deals we've seen yet, and worth grabbing if you're looking to get in on the audiobook craze.

Audible subscription: was $149.50 now $99.50 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

Audible subscription: was $149.50 now $99.50 on Amazon (opens in new tab)  
12 months of Audible not only gives you access to thousands of audiobooks but also access to a huge range of podcasts and guided wellness programs.  

Audible has been a staple of our best audiobooks list for some time, thanks to its huge library of some half a million audiobooks.

It’s also stuffed with features, from the easy integration of Amazon Kindle books, which allows for normal books to be upgraded to audiobooks for a small fee, to the ability to vary playback speeds and easy chapter navigation. 

In short, it’s one of the best audiobook apps and services around. And with $50 off the normal $149.50 price, now is a good time to give it a go if you’ve been waiting for a good moment to get into audiobooks.

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