Disney Plus will get 5 new Marvel, Star Wars franchises next year — but not everything you want

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Disney Plus is set to get several new Marvel and Star Wars series next year, but at least a couple of the most anticipated shows seem to have slipped to 2025.

Disney’s popular streaming platform will stream Star Wars: The Acolyte next year, the company confirmed in a press release on Monday (Dec. 4). The series is set in the High Republic era and will be the first live-action series from the period. Disney said that Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, a show starring Jude Law and set in an environment where children are in charge, will also be streaming on Disney Plus next year.

While Disney touted the launch of two new Star Wars installments next year, it appears the second season of Star Wars: Andor won’t be making its way to Disney Plus in 2024 after coming off a strong first season in 2022. There had also been some hope that The Mandalorian’s fourth season would premiere next year on Disney Plus, but that, too, appears to have slipped to 2025 or beyond.

The Andor omission is especially notable, considering showrunner Tony Gilroy said earlier this year at a Star Wars event that the show was on track for an August 2024 release. It’s unclear why that may have changed or if Disney simply didn’t want to commit to a 2024 release just yet.

Get ready for the MCU

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Disney also announced three new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series for next year, including Marvel’s Echo, a series that will center on the origin story of Maya Lopez, also known as Echo. Disney also confirmed that the Wandavision spinoff Agatha: Darkhold Diaries is premiering next year, along with X-Men 97, a sequel to the X-Men: The Animated Series.

Disney stopped short of offering an exact release date for any of the Star Wars series, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries or X-Men 97, and instead said they’ll start streaming sometime next year. In the case of Echo, however, Disney said you’ll be able to start streaming the show on both Disney Plus and Hulu starting on January 10.

Everything else

In addition to Marvel and Star Wars programming, Disney shared a host of other premieres for next year, including the final season of Modern Family, which will start streaming on January 1, along with new episodes from the 12th season of Futurama.

FX’s Shogun, which is set in Japan in the year 1600, will debut in February on Disney+, while the Emmy-nominated FX series Welcome to Wrexham will stream on Disney+ next spring. The wildly popular FX series The Bear will air on Disney+ sometime next year, the company confirmed.

Like other studios and streaming platforms, Disney and its Disney+ have been hit hard by the dual actors and writers strikes that affected Hollywood this year. With so many artists on strike for so long, many of the shows and films that had been slated for release next year have been pushed back. That bodes well for entertainment in 2025 but could create a dearth of content in 2024.

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