Deadpool and Logan are coming to Disney Plus — here's when the R-rated adventures drop

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It's a good thing Disney Plus got better parental controls, because Deadpool is finally coming to the house of the mouse. And he's not alone either, as the definitely-rated R Logan is joining Mr. Pool on this trip. 

Per an email sent by Disney Plus to the press today, Deadpool, Deadpool 2 and Logan (all Fox-made Marvel movies) arrive on Disney Plus in the U.S. tomorrow (July 22). With Deadpool 3 likely part of the Marvel Comic-Con panel in some way or another on Saturday, the timing fits very well. 

These are the first R-rated films on the service. It almost looked like Disney Plus would get its first R-rated film back in April, but Kiss of the Dragon was only coming to international versions of the streaming service.

The delay between Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox (the Fox X-Men movies have been on Disney Plus for ages) and these movies arriving is curious. We'd bet it's likely to do with the contracts for these three movies recently wrapping up.

Though this may not be entirely great news. Much like when the Defenders Saga left Netflix for Disney Plus, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 may be leaving their current home: Amazon Freevee, where you can watch them both for free, provided you're OK with ads. 

Logan is only currently only streaming on FXNow, DirecTV and Spectrum, where you can also find the Deadpool movies. 

Analysis: How Disney Plus stays strong

Disney Plus launched as the family-friendly streaming service. But anyone with kids and an awareness of the wait for the next Marvel and Star Wars shows to come out probably sees the service's back catalogue as family-first to a fault.

This is why we're happy to see Disney Plus venture finally get R-rated movies. It'll be curious to see if any R-rated movies (aside from Deadpool 3) come next, as those movies could just go on Hulu or somewhere else.

In the meantime, we'd like to remind Disney Plus that there's other sectors of cinema it could be adding, as we noted its romance section was lacking — especially for the adults in the room (who actually pay for Disney Plus).

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