Cyberpunk 2077 is a disaster on PS4 and Xbox One — and it gets worse

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Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, and gamers can take their long-awaited trip to Night City. Unfortunately, despite CD Projekt RED's RPG being years-long in the making, it's suffering from a concerning amount of bugs and glitches that have made players' first foray into the gritty metropolitan area a less-than-stellar experience.

It seems that, no matter what platform players have chosen to begin their journey on, they're running into problems. Put simply, things aren’t looking so hot. 

Various reports have rolled in since the game first made its debut on Nov. 10 across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC regarding its status as what can only succinctly be described as a hot mess, with smaller annoyances in terms of glitches ranging from smaller annoyances like frustratingly choppy frame rates to game-breaking bugs that have taken players out of the experience entirely. 

PC users are dealing with their own difficult issues as well. According to Wccftech, even the RTX 3090 GPU isn't able to hit an average of 60 fps at 4K resolution with maximum graphics settings. When using Nvidia's own DLSS tech in the game's Performance Mode, the RTX 3090 could only perform at an average of 57.8 fps. Without DLSS, it dropped to an abominable 22 fps. This, coupled with the issues players have seen across platforms, has made for an extremely concerning debut. 

What's more, there are already issues with the game's special in-game setting that was designed solely to turn off any copyrighted music to protect Twitch streamers from potential DMCA takedowns. As a workaround, CD Projekt RED has been advising streamers to mute music entirely instead of potentially receiving takedowns, apologizing for "any inconvenience caused." Given that music is a large portion of Cyberpunk 2077, this is more than a little annoyance. 

Oddly enough, outlets like The Verge report that the Google Stadia version of the game, which streams by way of Google's servers, could be the best way to play the game right now, barring those playing it not he latest and greatest PC GPU or consoles. Cloud gaming looks good on Night City, with The Verge stating that they've had a positive experience, noting it "runs smoothly," even over Wi-Fi. 

On PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game appears to be handling itself alright, albeit for a major list of bugs that keep popping up, despite the fact that there's technically no next-gen version of the game just yet. Still, those versions are hardly getting off scot-free, with similar issues to the PC version here and there. 

It's the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions that are giving everyone pause. Eurogamer reports that the PS4 version is suffering from low framerate and texture pop-in when the screen is busy, as well as a low-res blur the visuals at seemingly random occasions. This, paired with characters locked into T-poses, disappearing assets, and random resolution drops have made playing on the last-gen console more than a little disappointing.  

It seems the list of frustrations goes on, no matter what platform you’ve chosen to play on. Though CD Projekt RED initially deployed a day one patch, it does not seem to have alleviated most of the issues. We’ll have to wait and see what happens as the days go by and additional problems crop up -- CDPR will likely have to continue pushing additional fixes as the Cyberpunk launch wears on. 

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