Battlefield 2042 technical playtest starts next week — here’s how to apply

Battlefield 2042
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A Battlefield 2042 technical alpha designed to stress test the game’s servers and get player feedback on some of the new features of the upcoming shooter kicks off next week, and there’s still time to apply. 

The test will run between August 12-16 and be available only for a three-hour window each day. Participants will be under a strict non-disclosure agreement. This means that, unlike the recent Halo Infinite technical preview, testers are not allowed to upload footage or even share details from their experience playing the game. 

In order to take part, players need to create an EA Playtesting account and then a select group will be sent an invitation to partake in the Battlefield 2042 technical playtest. Unfortunately, EA notes that only a handful of applicants will be chosen and there is no way to guarantee your inclusion.

Email invitations have already been sent out to some lucky players and the email reads: “This Technical Playtest will be focused on gathering intel on our core gameplay loop, technical performance, and stability. This will all be done in a closed environment and under a strict NDA - you don't want to miss out!” 

The playtest will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game aren’t being tested at this time. The technical playtest was originally scheduled for July but was delayed into August as developer DICE wanted to test the cross-play functionality of Battlefield 2042 further. 

Anyone who misses out on taking part will be pleased to know there is a larger beta planned for September. Access to the beta can be gained through pre-ordering the game. By comparison, getting into the beta will be much more straightforward than the technical playtest. 

Battlefield 2042 is currently due for release on October 22, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the upcoming online shooter. The game’s PC requirements have recently been revealed and more information on the title, including details on the mysterious Hazard Zone game mode, are expected in the coming weeks as the launch date approaches. 

Rory Mellon
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