Ariana Grande Fortnite concert: Start time, skins and how to watch right now

Ariana Grande Fortnite Rift Tour show: how to tune in, get the skin and more
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It's time for the Ariana Grande's concert to kick off Fortnite, as the debut of the Rift Tour experience rocks both fanbases. But do you know how to get around this 7 Rings-circus?

Fortnite Ariana Grande concert time

The Ariana Grande Fortnite Rift Tour starts today Friday, August 6 at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT
Rebroadcast details can be found below.

Soon, you will get the chance to hear the pop diva's whistle tone in-game as she arrives at the battle royale island for a special free-to-watch show. Better yet, we've seen reports that you can even get the rare Ariana Grande Fortnite skin to show off the singer's iconic long ponytail in-game — but more on that later.

Ariana Grande is not the first A-list celebrity to headline a Fortnite show. The developers have previously collaborated with other big-name artists, including Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Major Lazer. After a series of leaks teasing Grande's Fortnite show, we finally got an official confirmation from Epic Games. 

Whether you're a Fortnite veteran, or an Arianator who wants more information on the upcoming Ariana Grande Fortnite event, we've got you covered.

Below, we've included a roundup of everything you need to know ahead of the big day, including the start times, a guide on how to tune in, information on getting the skin, and, of course, an explainer on downloading the game in the first place. 

Be prepared for a Grande performance,. Judging by previous events, Fortnite does not play around when it comes to hosting such concerts. 

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: Start times

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: Start times

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To ensure that everyone can tune in to the show at an appropriate time, Epic Games will host five showtimes over three days. These will begin with two shows on Friday and Saturday (August 6-7), and conclude with three shows scheduled for Sunday (August 8). We've included all of the exact starting times below. 

One thing to note, however, is that the developers recommend that players arrive an hour before showtime. This not only ensures a stable connection, but also allows players to join in some of the Fortnite-themed festivities, which "[pair] popular tracks with moments based on elements from the game" before Ariana's arrival. Epic Games also warns that if an event reaches maximum capacity, you may have to join one of the other shows instead. The Rift Tour Playlist should also become available 30 minutes before each show, so that you can prepare to sing along with Grande's iconic tunes. 

Shows are not region-locked, so feel free to tune in from anywhere in the world (provided that you have a decent connection, of course).

To view more details on the schedule, head over to Alternatively, you can use the in-game Rift Tour tab instead. Using the Rift Tour tab allows gamers to connect with friends and schedule the shows that they plan to attend, as well as check out the special Rift Tour Quests. 

  • Show 1: Friday, August 6 starting at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT
  • Show 2: Saturday, August 7 starting at 2 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. GMT/ 1 p.m. CT/ 11 a.m. PT
  • Show 3: Sunday August 8 starting at 12 a.m. ET/ 5 a.m. GMT/ (08/07) 11 p.m. CT/ (08/07) 9 p.m. PT
  • Show 4: Sunday August 8 starting at 10 a.m. ET/ 3 p.m. GMT/ 9 a.m. CT/ 7 a.m. PT
  • Show 5: Sunday August 8 starting at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: How to watch

1. If you're unfamiliar with Fortnite, you'll have to download the game first. It's free-to-play, and available on the majority of the platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC.

2. Make sure that you download the latest update (v17.30) ahead of the event. Don't leave this until the last minute, as it may take some time.

3. Launch the game early. Epic Games advises users to hop on 60 minutes before showtime.

And that's it. Have Miss Grande bring the magic to your screen!

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: How to get the skin

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: How to get the skin

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Tuning into the show is only half the fun. And just like previous events with special in-game cosmetics, including the Marshmello and Travis Scott skins — there's an Ari skin to get here as well. 

And just like some of those, the Fortnite Item Shop is the only place to get this skin. There are challenges, but for other items.

Available now, the Ariana Grande skin and Piggy Smallz back bling go for 2,000 V-bucks in a combo pack. But if you want the sledgehammer pickaxe, emote, and glider? You're spending 2,800 V-bucks.

The Ari Skin two designs. One with platinum hair from the Sweetener album days, while the other shows off her signature brown ponytail. Both costumes have a cosmic vibe, which could be an homage to the singer's "Break Free" music video. 

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: Rewards and Rift Tour quests

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: Rewards and Rift Tour quests

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Since Ariana Grande's in-game concert is a part of Fortnite's Rift Tour music experience, players can participate in special event quests to unlock unique rewards. 

Ahead of the show, you can play the first wave of Rift Tour Quests. You can check those out by viewing the Rift Tour tab, from July 29 until August 8.

Every player who attends the shows will get the adorable Cuddly Cloudcruiser commemorative Umbrella.

Fortnite Crew active subscribers who log into the game between August 5 (10 a.m. ET) and August 9 (10 a.m. ET) will also receive the Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella, the Skye up High Loading Screen and a Rift Tour-themed Banner.

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