Apple's adding Qi2 wireless charging to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 with iOS 17.2 — what it means for you

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Apple's incoming iOS 17.2 update contains a hidden treat for iPhone 14 series and iPhone 13 series owners. It'll make both phones compatible with the Qi2 wireless charging standard, according to the patch notes for the final version of the new software.

Qi is the current widely adopted wireless charging system that the vast majority of wireless charging phones use, even if they also have a faster standard unique to the company. For example, a recent iPhone can charge at 7.5W on a generic wireless charging pad as well as at 15W with a licensed MagSafe charger.

A screenshot of the iOS 17.2 patch notes, with the mention of Qi2 wireless charging support for iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 highlighted

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The updated Qi2 standard, announced at the start of this year, is heavily based on Apple's MagSafe standard, including the magnetic alignment system and the 15W maximum speed. The magnets will hopefully allow for other devices that are currently hard to charge wirelessly—such as smartwatches with curved casings—to power up at full speed by keeping the charger in line with the internal charging coils.

Apple's Qi2-ready iPhones

The iPhone 15 series is Qi2 compatible out of the box, so this update won't change anything for owners of the latest iPhone. While the addition of Qi2 support for older iPhones is welcome, we have to question why the iPhone 12 isn't going to be getting this update right now. The iPhone 12 series were the first set of iPhones to offer MagSafe, so should in theory be compatible with Qi2 as well.

Even if you own one of the best wireless chargers, you're unlikely to have one that's capable of Qi2 charging. A few Qi2 chargers are available already, but the vast majority are only going to arrive in the next few months, now that the first compatible devices have been undergoing certification since November. That's according to the WPC, the organization that manages the Qi standard.

Even though Apple's been instrumental in developing the Qi2 standard, we can't help but wonder if we'll see the company bring out a new MagSafe standard in the near future, perhaps with the iPhone 16 next fall. After all, if MagSafe's effectively going to become an open standard, Apple would likely want to offer something iPhone-specific again. Especially now it's moved to USB-C wired charging, leaving its proprietary but dated Lightning standard behind.

iOS 17.2 also contains other improvements that are yours to access once you install it. The iOS 17 Journal app that Apple first showed off this summer is finally made available in this update, as are some quality-of-life changes for Apple TV, the iPhone's on-screen keyboard and more.

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  • khdhdhaaa
    How about iPhone 13 mini, will it get Qi2 support in 17.2 update? I know Apple has a limitation of 12W charging for iPhone 13 mini on current Apple made MagSafe chargers (15W on iPhone 13). Wonder if this limiting factor will cause Apple to skip Qi2 re 13 mini software update?