iOS 17.2 — 5 biggest new features coming to your iPhone

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The iOS 17.2 update is coming within the next week — a release candidate is already in the hands of developers, which means a full release is right around the corner. And though this isn't a major iOS release, you can still expect some welcome changes for your iPhone.

With iOS 17.2, Apple seems to be focusing on the user experience, but each of the new iOS 17 upgrades offer something that will make using the best iPhones more of a pleasant experience. compiled a list of a few of the more exciting features that are coming to iOS 17.2. If you've got a compatible iPhone — basically any phone that's come out since 2018 — there’s plenty to look forward to.

Journal — an app to boost your outlook

iOS 17 Journal app

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The Journal app is an entirely new addition in iOS 17.2, though we've known this has been coming since last June's iOS 17 preview. Journal is part of Apple's efforts to bolster mental health, combining with the mood tracking additions to the iOS 17 Health app.

Journal will allow people to write down their thoughts, add pictures and videos, and even set reminders about when to write down their thoughts. This has the potential to be a big draw as it has been shown that journaling can be great for mental health. We have compiled a guide on how to use the Journal app for those looking to get the best out of the feature.

 Apple wants more security for iMessage 

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iOS 17.2 has added a new security feature that allows users to verify their contacts. The system, known as iMessage contact key verification, can display a code that verifies who you are talking to. 

Message contact key verification was unveiled in December 2022 and was marketed primarily to people at higher risk of phishing scams. However, everyone should be thankful for a more secure experience while using their devices. 

We have a guide on how to enable contact key identification on your device for added peace of mind. 

 iOS 17.2 aims to improve the Apple TV experience  

The iOS 17.2 update will also change how Apple TV can be used. iOS 17.2 is merging the iTunes Movie Store into the TV app; tvOS 17.2 is making a similar change for the Apple TV. The idea is to make everything a simpler layout with all your content in one place.

Phone-specific features

iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro cameras

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If you've got an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, your camera performance should improve with iOS 17.2. Specifically, the telephoto camera on those two models will get faster when you try to focus on faraway objects in zoom shots. 

Another iPhone 15 Pro camera improvement lays the groundwork for next year's Apple Vision Pro headset release. In iOS 17.2, you can use either Pro model to record spatial video, which can then be played back on the upcoming headset.

It's not just iPhone 15 models that will benefit from iOS 17.2. The update brings Qi2 wireless charging support to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13.

iOS 17.2 makes disabling this keyboard option easier

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iOS 17.2 has also added a new feature to help users to disable inline predictions. The update has added a new "show predictions inline" toggle to the system. This means users can visit their keyboard settings and switch the toggle to "off." This is one of those changes that won’t affect everyone, but it will be a welcome addition to those who want to avoid autocomplete features. 

AirDrop in iOS 17.1

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We got NameDrop - the ability to share contact details just by bringing iPhones close together - in vanilla iOS 17, but iOS 17.2 brings another similar ability to the Wallet app. Now by opening a pass or ticket in the app, and bringing your iPhone close to another, you're able to share that pass with just a tap. Much more straightforward than sending a blank email with the ticket attached, assuming the person you want to send it to's there in front of you.

Missing from iOS 17.2: Collaborative music playlists

iOS 17.2 wa supposed to bring the ability to host group playlists for your friends and family. Collaborative playlists had been an anticipated addition aimed at boosting the social aspect of enjoying music on your phone.

Sadly, after appearing in some iOS 17.2 betas, Collaborative Playlist is out of the final release. There's no official word why, but reports have suggested that Apple is worried the current iteration of the feature is prone to spam and abuse.

 iOS 17.2 outlook

The iOS 17.2 update has several quality-of-life improvements for your iPhone, so there's a lot to be excited for. The addition of the long-awaited Journal  app and many iPhone-specific improvements to cameras and charging will help people to get the most enjoyment out of their phone. 

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