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Apple Watch 7's top feature revealed — and it's a game-changer

Apple Watch 7
(Image credit: Future)

The Apple Watch 7, a next-generation smartwatch expected later this year, could offer a non-invasive tool for blood glucose monitoring. 

According to a report from ETNews, blood glucose monitoring will be a standout feature of the upcoming Apple Watch to the benefit of users with diabetes. Last year's National Diabetes Statistics report from the CDC found that just over one-in-ten Americans have diabetes, meaning on-wrist blood sugar readings could likely help a large sum of Apple Watch users manage their condition.

While we don't expect Apple to suggest that a glucose monitoring smartwatch feature could replace invasive tests entirely, it's a good indication of the advancements in monitoring technology. Less troublesome testing methods such as continuous monitoring via a small, on-body pump are already gaining popularity.

In fact, finger prick-less systems from companies like Freestyle Libre and Dexcom currently offer ways to check blood glucose levels and trends at a glance with compatible apps for Apple Watch. We even helped a reader pick the right Apple Watch for monitoring diabetes with her Dexcom G6 system. 

Apple also sells OneDrop, a sleek-looking blood glucose management system, on its store website.

We're still several months away from more credible Apple Watch 7 leaks, but it's reasonable to believe blood glucose monitoring will materialize. Besides the status quo of Apple upgrading its smartwatch with a new health tool each year, the Apple Watch's most direct competitor is rumored to get the feature, too.

The same report from ETNews said either the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or fitness-oriented Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 is due the second half of this year and will offer non-invasive blood glucose monitoring

In the past, Samsung's late summer Unpacked keynotes have occurred earlier than Apple's, so it's possible the next Galaxy Watch will beat the Apple Watch 7 to launching this game-changing feature for users with diabetes.