Apple offering free iPhone 11 repairs for screen problem — what you need to know

iPhone 11 screen problem
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Does your iPhone 11 not respond to your touch as smoothly as before? It's not you — it's likely a problem with your phone's display. And Apple is willing to handle your iPhone 11 repair for free.

The company launched an iPhone 11 display module replacement program to deal with misbehaving iPhone 11 screens. The problem, which Apple says affects a small percentage of iPhone 11 models, is caused by a faulty display module. Apple says it will replace that module on the iPhone 11 for 2 years after the unit was first sold.

How to get your iPhone 11 screen repaired

To confirm that your phone is eligible, you can use the serial number checker on Apple's iPhone 11 display module replacement page. You can look up your iPhone 11's serial number in the Settings app by tapping General and then selecting About — the serial number appears in the first bank of information covering your iPhone 11.

If you are eligible for an iPhone 11 repair, you can make an appointment at your local Apple Store, find an authorized service provider near you or contact Apple to arrange to mail in your phone to get the display module fixed. If your iPhone 11 suffers from any other display problem — like, say, a cracked screen — you may need to get that squared away first before Apple can perform the free repair.

You may have already paid someone to fix the iPhone 11 display problem. If that's the case, Apple says you should contact the company to get a refund for your troubles.

Even though Apple released the iPhone 12 earlier this fall, the iPhone 11 remains a part of Apple's phone lineup. It's also a good alternative to the newer iPhones, as its A13 processor is still pretty powerful and its dual rear cameras capture great photos. With the iPhone 12 models now available, Apple cut the price of the iPhone 11 by $100 to $599.

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