Apple March announcements: MacBook Air M3, OLED iPad Pro and more

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Signs were looking good for a Spring Apple event this year, but a new report suggests we should look forward to a press release announcement of three key devices this week — a new MacBook Air with M3, iPad Pro sporting the same chip, and iPad Air with M2 (including a new supersize model.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that there hasn’t been a single new tablet to come out of Cupertino during the whole of 2023. With this and a drop off in iPad sales throughout last year, it makes sense that the company is planning to make a big splash sooner rather than later. That includes beefing up the iPad Pro with M3 and an OLED display, and potentially launching a larger version of the iPad Air.

Given rumors have been pointing to a mid-late March launch (not announcement), this lines up with an announcement being made this week. But only Apple knows at this point, so I could be wrong! But aside of being a betting man, let’s take a look at what may be announced.

M3 MacBook Air

2023 MacBook Air 15-inch M2 shown open on a surface

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Predicted specs
Display13.6 or 15.3-inch Liquid Retina
RAM8 - 24GB
Storage256GB - 2TB SSD

The M3 MacBook Air is an inevitability at this point, but the big question is “when?” Well, we just got our answer, as Gurman reported a late March launch — bringing the entire MacBook lineage back up to date with the 3nm chipset.

Design-wise, we’re not expecting any changes whatsoever. We love the flat, utilitarian frame of the M2 Air, so why change it? One thing we’re 50/50 on, however, is whether it will be both the 13- and 15-inch Air

So far, rumors have focused on the smaller model, but personally, I think it’d be a little weird to not upgrade both models. That doesn’t seem like a very Apple decision.

M2 iPad Air

iPad Air 5

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Predicted specs
Display10.9 or 12.9-inch Liquid Retina
Storage64 - 256GB SSD

Currently, the iPad Air continues to rock the M1, but Apple looks set to refresh it at the March event. No larger internal changes (apart from the bump to M2) and no dramatic design differences…except for one.

You see, the Cupertino crew has been messing around with offering its devices in big screen variants for a while now — most notably the iPhone 15 Plus and 15-inch MacBook Air. In a couple of months, we may see this thinking applied to the Air, as reports have suggested we will see a larger 12.9-inch version of this mid-range tablet.

This would be great for those who want to get the big screen tablet experience without dropping serious coin for an OLED iPad Pro. 

M3 iPad Pro OLED

iPad Pro 2021

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Predicted specs
Display11 or 13-inch OLED
Storage128GB - 2TB SSD

If the rumors are true, the M3 iPad Pro will most likely be the biggest announcement of the whole Apple March event. And no, this is not because of the new chip inside — it’s actually being overshadowed by a tasty display upgrade.

Rather than relying on mini-LED technology, leaks are pointing towards this being the first big-screen device from Apple to make the leap to OLED. This will mean big improvements in color reproduction, alongside a “crisper and brighter” image according to Gurman. This is something we see across OLED screens of devices we review, and would be huge for creatives.

On top of that, the display size of the larger option is set to go up by a small 0.1 inches, and an early report suggested MagSafe may be finally coming to an iPad, thanks to a new glass body

Anything else?

AirPods Max in silver

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As for any potential surprises, I wouldn’t hold my breath. This looks to be the full slate of products you can expect to see. If there were going to be any other quick announcements, the furthest I’d go is maybe a potential sighting of more devices transitioning to USB-C — such as the AirPods, AirPods Max or peripherals like the Magic Mouse. We could use an AirPods Max 2, but there may not be much new other than the new port. 

Besides that, this looks set to be a relatively straightforward refresh of the MacBook Air, alongside a big refresh of the iPad Pro and Air. That’s going to be more than enough big announcements to sink your teeth into.

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