An Alexa vending machine served me Coca-Cola Energy, and it was awesome

(Image credit: Future)

LAS VEGAS –– Two things that keep me fueled at CES 2020 are my enthusiasm for Alexa-enabled devices and copious amounts of caffeine. Coca-Cola married my two obsessions with its all new Coca-Cola Energy drinks, which were served to me by the largest Alexa speaker I’ve ever seen. 

All I had to say was, “Alexa, order Coke Energy.” Sure enough, a can appeared.

The massive Coca-Cola Alexa Wall has built-in microphones and speakers. Between cracking jokes and looping the ASMR-triggering sizzle sounds of soda cans opening, the Alexa Wall vends Coca-Cola Energy cans. Available in Classic, Zero, and Cherry flavors, the new caffeine-suffused soda is set to hit stores January 20.

I got to taste the new beverage early here at 8 a.m. while I spoke to Jaideep Kibe, vice president of Coca-Cola Trademark. Kibe told me a bit about the new line of Coke products.

“Everything we do begins with the consumer,” Kibe said. “We learned consumers were looking for an energy drink with the familiar Coca-Cola taste. So we took their favorite flavors and added a boost.”

It tastes familiar indeed. As I sipped on a cherry-flavored Coca-Cola Energy, I realized I’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a traditional Cherry Coke and the caffeine-packed one. I’ve never enjoyed the taste of big-name carbonated energy drinks, but Coca-Cola Energy is one I would actually grab in the store.

Sadly, the chatty Alexa Wall won’t be available for purchase . Expect voice-enabled vending machines to hit the mainstream eventually, though.

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Kate Kozuch

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