How to turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10

how to turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10
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Everyone should know how to turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10. It's one of the most important ways to connect a set of headphones or wireless earbuds to your PC or laptop

The same is true of PC accessories like a game controller, wireless mouse, keyboard or speakers. Bluetooth is very much the industry standard when it comes to wireless connectivity technology, so the vast majority of wireless devices make use of it.

If you’ve bought yourself a shiny new set of headphones, or a flashy ergonomic keyboard and are struggling to get it to pair with your Windows 10 device, your new gadget isn't broken. Your PC's Bluetooth may just be disabled. 

Thankfully turning on Bluetooth is an extremely simple process that can be done in a matter of seconds. With just a few clicks you can have the issue resolved, and most accessories will automatically connect after the first setup just so long as your Bluetooth remains switched on.

If you’re unsure how to switch Bluetooth on, then you’re in the right place as below we’ll talk you through the steps of how to turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10.

1.  Select Settings from the Start Menu 

how to turn on bluetooth for windows 10 - select settings

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The Start menu is easily accessible from the toolbar of your Windows 10 device. Just click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen, or alternatively, you can type ‘settings’ into the adjacent search bar. 

2. Select Devices

how to turn on bluetooth for windows 10 - select devices

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Once you’ve loaded up the Settings Menu, select the Devices options. If for any reason you’re having trouble locating it, you can also search for Devices by using the search bar at the top of the Settings Menu.  

3. Turn on Bluetooth 

how to turn on bluetooth for windows 10 - turn on bluetooth from menu

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Once you’re in the Devices Menu (which is rather confusingly referred to as Bluetooth and other devices once you’re actually on it), make sure the Bluetooth on/off toggle is switched to on — you’ll know when this is the case as the toggle will turn blue. Bluetooth is now turned on. 

4. Click "Add Bluetooth or other device" (optional)

If your device doesn't instantly pair, you may need to add it manually. Click the Plus sign, which will then open up a menu where you'll select the kind of device you're connecting. 

How to turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10

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5. Select More Bluetooth options (optional)

how to turn on bluetooth for windows 10 - select more bluetooth options if required

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If you need more advanced settings, then just select the More Bluetooth option which will open up a new submenu with additional features. Though if you just want to connect a wireless accessory or turn Bluetooth on, you don’t need to dig this deep. 

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