How to clean a Cricut mat before crafting your Valentine's Day card

Cricut cutting mat with materials
Cricut cutting mat with materials (Image credit: Cricut)

If you own a Cricut machine you might need to know how to clean a Cricut mat to make the perfect Valentine’s Day card.

A Cricut machine can help you make homemade cards and various crafts with professional-looking results. A Cricut cutting mat is a Cricut accessory that's essential for completing a vinyl transfer, say, to design a custom mug or a clothing item. The mat can also be used to hold down paper materials before they go into the machine to be cut or draw on, if you've swapped the blade with a pen. 

Cricut mats come in different sizes and grip strength too, including a special one for making cards with the Cricut Joy

Trouble is, once the Cricut mat gets dirty from long-term use or other elements, it can lose its adhesive stick. It’s recommended that you clean a Cricut mat every two-to-four cuts, to ensure it properly holds your materials. What’s more, if you prefer to create your own cards or are a fan of DIY crafts, knowing how to clean a Cricut mat will come easy once you follow the steps below.

So, if you want to rival the card stores, here’s how to clean a Cricut mat before crafting your Valentine's Day card. 

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1. Clean leftover materials off surface

Yellow cricut mat

Yellow cricut mat (Image credit: Cricut)

First, lay the Cricut mat flat and clear the surface from materials. Use a scraper tool or a lint roller to get rid of leftover material or debris that is stuck to the mat. Roll it over to pick up small paper pieces, glitter or any other craft bits until completely removed. 

2. Wipe clean with dish soap or baby wipes 

Removing a baby wipe from packet

Removing a baby wipe from packet (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Next, dip a clean dishcloth in warm, soapy water and gently scrub the surface of the Cricut mat in a circular motion. Be careful not to put too much pressure while scrubbing as this may scratch the adhesive coating. Alternatively, you can use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the mat without damaging the surface. 

3. Let Cricut mat to air dry 

Yellow cricut mat

Yellow cricut mat (Image credit: Cricut)

Finally, leave the mat on a drying rack or hang it up vertically to completely air dry. Don’t use a towel to dry it as this would cover the surface with lint or paper fibers (which defeats the purpose!). 

And there you have a clean Cricut mat ready for your next crafting project.

What else can you make in a Cricut machine? 

Cricut machines on a table

Cricut machines on a table (Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut machines are popular appliances for making variety of crafts from paper, vinyl, card stock and iron-on transfers. While they are certainly popular for cutting greeting cards, they can also make custom t-shirts, labels, monogram stickers, banners and even leather or wood jewelery. This will depend on the type of Cricut machine you own, plus which materials you've collected. Many craft stores have dedicated Cricut supply sections, or you can shop everything Cricut on Amazon.

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