How to change your name in Gmail

How to change name in Gmail
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When you create a Gmail account for the first time, one of the early steps is picking out a user name, which can be your real name or something else. The username appears in the "sender" field on most email clients, so ideally you’ve chosen something sensible and without typos.

But if you haven’t — or if you marry and take on a new surname — changing things up is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to change your name in Gmail.

1. Visit on a computer 

Step 1: How to change name in Gmail

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First of all, you can’t change your Gmail username on your phone’s app. This has to be done via the web browser, so sit down at your laptop and open up (opens in new tab)

2. Dig into the settings 

Press the cog in the top right-hand corner of Gmail. When it expands, press the big button labelled “See all settings.” 

Step 2: How to change name in Gmail

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3. Find the Accounts tab 

This is one of the most labyrinthine sections of Gmail, but it’s straightforward if you know what to look for. Along the categories at the very top below the word “Settings”, you’ll find “Accounts and Import”, four titles along. Click it.

Step 3: How to change name in Gmail

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4. Find 'Send mail as' 

Four settings down, you’ll find a section titled “Send mail as”, which will show your current display name next to it. Right of this is a button labelled “edit info” just begging to be pressed, so click it. 

Step 4: How to change name in Gmail

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5. Pick out your new identity 

A pop-up window will appear letting you edit away. Just select the empty box under your current name and then type what you want to appear. Unlike picking out an email address, you don’t have to choose something original here as it’s just how your emails are displayed.

Once typed in, simply press “Save Changes” and your new identity is ready to use.

Step 5: How to change name in Gmail

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