PS5 Pro specs leak has prompted Sony to investigate — here's what we know

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The last several days have seen a bucketload of alleged PS5 Pro specs hit the web, promising a range of new hardware that should boost gaming performance by a significant degree. While companies like Sony are never interested in commenting on the validity of leaks, it is being claimed that Sony has launched an investigation to figure out where those PS5 Pro leaks are coming from.

Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson tweeted this news out late on Monday, claiming Sony has launched an internal investigation into how documents got leaked. Henderson isn’t sure of the implications right now, since he believes Sony isn’t likely to catch an individual offender. 

But because the documents leaked during a third-party rollout, he notes that Sony could “reduce its third-party developer pool for new tech as a result”. If that ends up being the case, it means fewer developers could have a chance to work with new hardware before it's announced, and potentially extend the wait for new and optimized games.

Which isn’t ideal, since there’s often a pretty sizable gap between the release of new hardware and a big influx of new games. That wait was already long enough with the PS5, and we don’t really need it getting any longer.

While there’s no confirmation that the leaked specs are accurate, the fact Sony seems to be investigating their source suggests there’s some level of truth to them. After all, Sony wouldn’t be investigating a leak if all the information was completely false would it? 

The problem is that we don’t know what’s true and what isn’t, and we likely won’t gain any clarity until Sony announces the PS5 Pro at some point in the future.

What PS5 Pro specs actually leaked?

The most recent leaks claim the PS5 Pro will offer a 28% boost in performance, thanks to 576GBs of system memory, plus a new “High CPU Frequency Mode”. While the CPU is supposedly identical to the one in the original PS5, this mode could ramp up CPU clock speed to 3.5 GHz, which would be a 10% boost over its predecessor.

Word is that the console will also come with a 35% improvement to audio, though the specifics of what this will involve are unclear right now. However we expect that the PS5 Pro’s spatial audio will be more accurate and impressive compared to the original PS5 and PS5 Slim.

It’s been claimed on multiple occasions that the PS5 Pro will be coming with a major GPU boost, and could possibly see the console support 8K gaming. Apparently rendering is expected to be 45% faster than the PS5, with ray tracing performance quadrupled in select games. Then there’s the 33.5 teraflops of computing power, an enhanced upscaling system called “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling” and even talk of integrating machine learning and an AI Accelerator. 

Needless to say, these rumors paint a very positive picture about what we can expect from the PS5 Pro when it arrives. The only real question is when that might be. We’re still not sure, but the way information has been leaking out we wouldn’t be surprised if the new console arrives before the end of the year.

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