New PS5 Pro rumors point to a monster 8K gaming console

a concept image of the PS5 Pro by Mark Illing
(Image credit: Art Station/Mark Illing)

Another day, another significant PS5 Pro rumor drops. After I wrote about potentially game-changing graphics boosts last week, yet more leaked specs have surfaced regarding Sony’s (as yet to be confirmed) console. 

According to Insider Gaming’s sources, the PS5 Pro is set to receive a big boost to system memory performance. The current PS5 and more recent PS5 Slim both boast 448GBs of memory, while the Pro could sport as much as 576GBs of system memory — that’s a sizable 28% boost in performance. 

Though Insider Gaming reports the design of the CPU in the PlayStation 5 Pro remains identical to the processor in the OG PS5, the rumored new machine apparently has a “High CPU Frequency Mode” that ramps up the CPU’s clock speeds to 3.5GHz. That would give the Pro’s pumped up processor a 10% clock boost over the standard PS5. 

Alleged audio improvements are also on the table. Brace yourself for some seriously techy terms. So, it looks like the PS5 Pro’s Audio Compression Manager — or “ACM” for short — will boast a 35% uptick in performance compared to the regular PlayStation 5. What this currently means is a little hard to tell. Though this particular sound boost could result in even more accurate and impressive 3D spatial audio that is already super ear-arousing on the now slightly aging PS5.

Latest PS5 Pro rumored specs

a concept image of the PS5 Pro by Mark Illing

(Image credit:

This latest report also doubles down on some of the recent rumored GPU boosts the PS5 Pro could sport. As I reported on recently, it looks like the Pro’s rendering will be 45% faster than PS5, ray tracing performance could be quadrupled in select games, while the rumored system could have 33.5 teraflops of compute power and an new image upsampling method called “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling”.

There’s also talk of the upgraded machine housing some form of custom machine learning architecture and an AI Accelerator. Apparently the PS5 Pro could even support in-game resolutions of up to 8K. Seeing as I own one of the best gaming PCs with an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, and I know gaming at 8K on many modern titles would cripple frame rates on even the world’s fastest consumer graphics card, I’m somewhat skeptical what you have to hope will be a $500 console could run games at such a ludicrously high resolution.

With the PS5 Pro rumor mill ramping up with every passing week, don’t be surprised if Sony officially confirms the console’s existence in the coming months before an eventual release date before the end of the year.

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