This clever $13 product just saved my Philips Hue lights

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There’s one major problem with light strips: what do you do if you want to reposition them? Especially when you have expensive light strips, you might want to bring them with you when you move, or simply place them somewhere else at some point.

That was my case when I switched apartments. I had purchased a full suite of pricey Philip Hue lights in an effort to create the ultimate smart home space. I had no regrets with the investment, knowing I could take them with me when I left. In the process of moving out, I unscrewed my smart light bulbs from the permanent fixtures and peeled the smart light strips off from beneath my counters, packing them all up carefully to migrate to my next abode.

While I had no issue reinstalling the light bulbs in my new apartment, the light strip gave me trouble. The adhesive layer remained on the strip, but it lost all its tackiness. Opting for a quick fix, I attempted to mount it beneath my console with the leftover Command strips from hanging up framed posters. 

“Attempted” is the key word, since it didn’t work. Neither did the packing tape nor Velcro stickers I had laying around. I would press the light strip with all my might to the table, but a few hours later, I’d find it fallen and tangled on the floor.


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I’d pretty much accepted that I would either have to hot glue my light strips to my table or replace them all together if I wanted the cool ambient effect of light spilling out on the floor. But I entered a last-ditch Amazon search for “led light strip adhesive,” and sure enough, I stumbled on an affordable product with more than 80,000 reviews.  

The EZlifego Double Sided Tape on Amazon is advertised for hanging frames, small shelves and decorations. I figured light strips count as decorations, so I spent the $13 and with Amazon Prime shipping I was ready to secure my light strips once and for all in my new apartment two days later.

EZlifego Double Sided Tape: $13 @ Amazon

EZlifego Double Sided Tape: $13 @ Amazon
This double-sided adhesive is rated 4.5 stars with over 80,000 reviews on Amazon. It helped me reposition my Philips Hue light strips after moving to a new aparment.

The tape didn’t come with much instructions, but I did what I knew to be correct from installing other adhesive products and cleaned down the surface beneath my table. Then I cut the tape to size from the 9.85-foot roll, securing one side of the tape directly to my light strip. Finally, I peeled back the film on the outward-facing side of the tape and pressed it against the furniture with considerable force.

And just like that, I salvaged my fancy Philip Hue lights. This set cost $80, so I was glad to give them another life. What’s more, I have plenty of tape left over, so if I move again or replace that table I know I can reposition them easily. 

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