Max password sharing crackdown will reportedly copy Netflix's playbook — what you need to know

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Since it was announced that Max is joining Netflix and Disney in the password sharing crackdown movement, many have wondered how this streaming service will initiate their plans. Being another one of the best streaming services to remove this feature, it wouldn’t be surprising if more platforms joined in the coming months. 

A recent report from Bloomberg claims that Max will copy Netflix’s playbook to achieve growth within the next year. Executives at Warner Bros. Discovery have some pretty detailed plans, and that starts with removing any form of password sharing to encourage more people to create an account. This means more active members will be paying for the streaming service. 

Max plans to initiate this crackdown as soon as Fall, which means you don’t have that long left to share your password (if you are currently). This is actually smart timing since some of the most anticipated programs are releasing later in the year, including “House of the Dragon” season 2, “The Penguin”, and “Dune: Prophecy”. Therefore, the programming slate alone will convince people to join the platform.

Taking a leaf out of Netflix's playbook

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Netflix earned soaring numbers once they rolled out the password sharing crackdown, as people signed up for memberships in hopes of keeping the platform. Max, upon seeing this success, will probably follow a similar tactic to retain as many subscribers as possible later in the year. 

The playbook involves adding extra members to current account users for less than $9.99 — depending on whether you want ads or not. Any new member will have their own name and password on the account to ensure they still have freedom over their content. Of course, a cheaper pricing option will further encourage users to keep their accounts and add any family members or friends.

Now, if Max ends up doing the same, its streaming platform could experience significant growth. The password sharing crackdown, paired with international expansion, will get Warner Bros. back on its feet in the streaming market. European countries like the Nordics, Spain, and Portugal will gain access to the service at some point, which could earn Max additional revenue. 

There’s still no official date for when Max will remove password sharing, but it will probably happen later in the year when big shows are set to be released. This is more of a motive for people to keep their subscriptions and pay a little extra for additional members on the same account.  

So, if you're currently sharing an account, now is the time to watch all the new shows and movies on HBO and Max before the password sharing feature is gone forever. However, that doesn't mean the platform isn't worth investing in anymore, as Netflix grew immensely once it rolled out the crackdown. If Max achieves the same success, or even better, then you could expect to see more highly anticipated content on the streaming service.

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