Disney Plus could get free, ad-supported channels soon

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Everything seems to come full circle, and the war between the best streaming services is no exception. Just about every major streaming service appears to be adding channels that harken back to the days of cable TV. Disney Plus is no exception, as the streaming looks to be getting on the trend by introducing free ad-supported channels, according to a report from The Information.

Unfortunately, the report doesn't go into much detail about what shows we can expect to see on the channels, but it could be Star Wars or Marvel-branded shows. As mentioned, the channels are expected to be available for free with ads, so you should be able to dabble into the Disney Plus world without paying for a subscription, even if you won't be able to choose exactly what you want to watch.

This move could attract new subscribers, as people may come to try out the free channels and decide they can't get enough Disney content. It could also keep paying subscribers watching longer during times when they can't decide exactly what they want to watch on the streaming service.

With streamers like Roku, Pluto TV, and Tubi already offering plenty of streaming channels, it would make sense for Disney Plus to follow suit. There's no word on whether Hulu, which has recently started showing its content on Disney Plus, will offer similar streaming channels based on the wide range of content it offers. For example, Hulu could offer a channel with episodes of the various sitcoms available while another channel could play dramas and so on.

Currently, we have no indication of when Disney Plus plans to roll the free streaming channels out to subscribers, so we'll have to wait until something is officially announced. In the meantime, you can sign up for Disney Plus and choose what you want to watch, as there's plenty of great Disney Plus movies and shows in April to watch.

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