This action comedy just hit 5 straight weeks in Netflix top 10 — and audiences love it on Rotten Tomatoes

(L to R) Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun, Chau Long as Steve in episode 105 of "The Brother’s Sun"
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"The Brothers Sun" has been crushing it for Netflix — at least by the numbers. This action comedy starring Michelle Yeoh as the former matriarch of a family of gangsters has generated over 11.5 million hours viewed for Netflix and just spent its fifth consecutive week in the Netflix top 10.

And yet, it feels like the buzz for this Netflix original TV show has been subdued. Maybe that's because “Griselda” has been dominating the conversation for Netflix thanks to a star performance from Sofía Vergara, but by all accounts, this show should be an internet sensation rather than just a surprise hit for the streaming service.

So are you ready to find out if you need to be watching this action-packed comedy about a bloody family of Taiwanese gangsters, we've got you covered. Here's why you should stream — or skip — "The Brothers Sun" including critical reviews, audience response and more.

What is 'The Brothers Sun' about?  

This TV show is the, often brutal, story of a family just trying to get away from its shady past. Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li) assumes he's just a simple Taiwanese-American kid living in California with his mother Eileen (Michelle Yeoh). But the rest of his family ... well, they know better.

That's because they're still living in Taipei — as hardened criminals. Turns out Bruce's father is a renowned Taiwanese crime lord and Bruce's mother took him away from the family to America so they could lead a life free from the criminal underworld.

But that life is shattered when an assassination attempt on the family patriarch puts the whole family in danger, including Bruce. So his  older brother Charles (Justin Chien) comes to America to protect Bruce and Eileen from the rival gangs now vying for dominance over the Taiwanese criminal underworld.

'The Brothers Sun' reviews — here’s what the critics say 

"The Brothers Sun currently holds an 83% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Not stellar, but good enough to be certified fresh. The critical consensus is that while the tonal shifts between family comedy and brutal action don't always land, the fight scenes and cast are worth hitting play next on this Netflix original.

Multiple critics praise Yeoh's performance as the family matriarch in particular. Nicola Austin of Empire Magazine calls Yeoh's performance a "tour de force"  and Ronda Racha Penrice of TheWrap praises Yeoh for shining without stealing the spotlight from the titular Brothers Sun.

Others are more cautious in their praise but still ultimately like the show. Sayantan Gayen of CBR calls the show a "mixed bag" but one that is ultimately "riveting" throughout.

One negative review does call out this lack of consistency. Roxana Hadadi of New York Magazine's Vulture still praises Yeoh's performance as Eileen, but calls the show overall "thematically, tonally, and narratively muddled."

Audiences love 'The Brothers Sun' on Netflix — stream it now

Despite a mixed critical response at times, audiences are loving this show. It holds a 91% "fresh" rating from audience reviewers with over 500 reviews, with many praising its comedy in addition to its action. There are even multiple reviews that call it one of the best shows they've ever seen, albeit with some caveats.

So if you need something new to watch this weekend and this show flew under your radar, make some time for it. "The Brothers Sun" definitely appears to be one of the early hits of 2024 and by most accounts it's well worth your time.

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