Brad Pitt's 'F1' movie just got one of my favorite teaser trailers in a very long time

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Joseph Kosinski looks to be following "Top Gun: Maverick" with another thrilling high-octane action movie: the new sports drama, "F1", which stars Brad Pitt.

Produced in collaboration with the titular sport's governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), and shot during actual F1 race events, "F1" looks set to bring Formula 1 racing to even more fans very soon.

Over the weekend, we were finally treated to our first "F1" trailer, giving us a clear idea of what the blockbuster's going to look like... and it just might be one of my favorite movie teasers in a long time.

The 'F1' trailer puts action at the forefront

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I loved the 'F1' trailer for one simple reason: I don't know the exact story, but I do know this movie's going to deliver some serious thrills.

As the title indicates, "F1" is putting the sport in the foreground, and that's exactly what this first teaser does. Instead of showing us a condensed version of the entire plot — as so many movie trailers seem to do — our first look at "F1" offers barely any story beats. Instead, it serves almost exclusively as a showcase of the on-track action we can expect to see throughout the flick.

The only hint we get is a brief exchange between Brad Pitt and Kerry Condon wherein Pitt's racing driver, Sonny Hayes, urges Condon to forego safety so they can "build a car for combat" so they can take on the other Formula 1 teams. Following that, this first teaser shifts up a gear, putting us in the driving seat and out on the track with Pitt, giving us a taste of the racing that'll be hitting the big screen next year.

The on-track action certainly looks thrilling (a consequence of shooting the movie at real F1 events), but as a Formula 1 novice, I was more sold because they chose to reveal so little of the story. All we've got to work with right now is a selection of big-screen thrills scored by Queen's "We Will Rock You"... and with that vibe established, I've got a real appetite to see what's to come. 

Sure, "F1" (or any blockbuster sports drama, for that matter) is unlikely to be home to the most gripping or dense story ever to grace our screens, but I really appreciate being left quite so in the dark here. I want to see the story this action is matched with, what kind of emotions will bubble up, how the real F1 figures will factor into the story, and so on.

What is the 'F1' movie about? And when can you watch it?

"F1" revolves around Sonny Hayes, as played by Brad Pitt. He's an ex-driver who returns to the track to race alongside his teammate at a fictional team, APXGP. 

Apple's full synopsis for the movie reads: "Starring Brad Pitt as a former driver who returns to Formula 1®, alongside Damson Idris as his teammate at APXGP, a fictional team on the grid, “F1” has been shot during actual Grand Prix weekends as the team competes against the titans of the sport. Hailing from director Joseph Kosinski, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Plan B Entertainment and seven-time F1® world champion Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films banner, the film is made in collaboration with Formula 1® and the F1® community, including the 10 F1® teams and their drivers, the FIA and race promoters."

Last year, Pitt also gave us a bit more background on the movie. In a Sky Sports interview with former racing driver Martin Brundle, he revealed how Sonny was brought back into the fold: an old friend wants him to help his 'last-place' team.'

Pitt said: "[Sonny is] a guy who raced in the 1990s… who has a horrible crash, craps out and disappears, then he’s racing in other disciplines. His friend, played by Javier Bardem, he’s a team owner [reaches out]. They’re a last-place team, they’re 21-22 on the grid, they’ve never scored a point. But they have a young phenom, played by Damson Idris, and they bring me in as kind of a "Hail Mary" and hijinks ensue". 

"F1" is currently slated to hit theaters on June 27, 2025.

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