'Slow Horses' season 4 finally has a release date — and it’s coming sooner than you think

Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb in "Slow Horses" season 4 on Apple TV Plus (2024)
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The silence around the potential release date for “Slow Horses” season 4 has been incredibly painful, especially with it being one of our favorite shows on Apple TV Plus (and in general). But today marks the end of that silence, as the streamer finally announced when season 4 will be hitting the platform. Yes, you heard that right, “Slow Horses” has a set date that we can look forward to in the coming months. 

This must-see thriller series follows a group of British intelligence agents who have been downgraded to a backwater department of MI5 known as Slough House. These agents, referred to as "slow horses," are led by the short-tempered and often abrasive Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman), a seasoned operative who has been exiled to Slough House himself. Despite their demotion and the seemingly dull tasks they are assigned, the slow horses frequently find themselves entangled in dangerous espionage missions. 

Season 4 of "Slow Horses" is officially based on Mick Herron's 2017 novel "Spook Street," which is the fourth book in the Slough House series. In season 3, we witness David Cartwright (Jonathan Pryce) showing early signs of dementia, which becomes a major concern. In "Spook Street," River (Jack Lowden) has to navigate his grandfather's declining mental health alongside a tragic bombing that claims many lives. Season 4 promises to be intense and emotional, with no holds barred. Be prepared to say goodbye to a key character though, because the teaser trailer for season 4 reveals that one of Lamb's team members has passed away.

I guess we’ll find out who that is when “Slow Horses” season 4 releases on September 4. That means we have just over two months to wait, which isn’t long at all. 

What to expect in 'Slow Horses' season 4

While specific plot details for "Slow Horses" season 4 have not been officially released, it's likely that the new season will continue to draw from Herron's acclaimed book "Spook Street." 

As mentioned before, a significant focus will be on River’s grandfather, David Cartwright, a retired high-ranking MI5 officer. The plot might revolve around a personal crisis for David that draws River and the rest of Slough House into a dangerous situation involving old enemies and hidden secrets.

There are also loose ends from the season 3 finale that need to be addressed in the upcoming season. Ingrid Tearney's (Sophie Okonedo) leadership at MI5 was exposed when River leaked crucial documents, uncovering some shady activities, including murder. By the end, Diana Taverner (Kristin Scott Thomas) had risen to the occasion and replaced the disgraced Tearney as the Director-General of MI5, taking on the role of First Desk.

The season 4 sneak peek also showed us even more juicy drama, as a bomb explodes in London and both MI5 and the Slow Horses are called in to investigate. Not only that, but this motley crew are also facing danger themselves — River is seen being held at gunpoint by the new antagonist Frank Harkness (Hugo Weaving). The trailer ends with Jackson Lamb's ominous words: "One of my team just died." 

More details will be revealed when we get a proper trailer for season 4. For now, you can watch the best shows like “Slow Horses” while you wait. After all, “Slow Horses” is the best show you’re not watching, and that’s a fact.  

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