Apple TV Plus top 10 shows — here are the 3 worth watching now

(L-R) Esther Smith as Nikki Newman, Scarlet Rayner as Princess and Rafe Spall as Jason Ross in "Trying" season 4 now streaming on Apple TV Plus
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Apple TV Plus stands out as one of the best streaming services for its focus on high-quality original content. Known for acclaimed series like "Ted Lasso," "The Morning Show," and "Slow Horses," the platform offers compelling storytelling, strong acting performances, and impressive production values across a range of genres including drama, comedy, and sci-fi.

While its library may be smaller compared to some competitors, Apple TV Plus emphasizes quality over quantity, appealing to viewers looking for well-crafted entertainment. If you’re on the hunfor a good show to watch, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve chosen three of the best shows currently in the top 10 list. Whether you're a regular viewer or thinking about giving Apple's shows a try, these are must-sees! 

This is based on the Apple TV Plus top 10 shows as of Friday, June 28.

‘Land of Women’

Land of Women — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Land of Women — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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"Land of Women" is the newest drama series based on the best-selling novel "La tierra de las mujeres" by Sandra Barneda. The show stars Eva Longoria as Gala, a New York woman whose life is turned upside down after her husband gets involved in financial crimes. To escape the scandal and threats from dangerous criminals, Gala, her mother, and her daughter flee to a small town in northern Spain. As they adapt to their new life, they encounter secrets, form new relationships, and face the challenges of their new reality while striving to protect their family.

If any show had to be on the same level as comfort food, it would probably be “Land of Women”. While you shouldn’t expect any shocking twists or surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat, enough story is given to keep you entertained throughout. 

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Trying — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Trying — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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"Trying" is a British comedy-drama series that follows the lives of a couple, Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall), who are desperate to start a family but face challenges with infertility. As they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of trying to conceive, they decide to pursue adoption. The series explores the ups and downs of their journey, showing their attempts to meet the strict criteria for adoptive parents and deal with the social workers. The couple's journey is further complicated by their interactions with eccentric friends and family members, each offering unsolicited advice and support in their unique ways.

Throughout the series, "Trying" delves into themes of love, commitment, and resilience. Nikki and Jason's relationship is tested as they confront their fears and insecurities, but their unwavering support for each other remains the heart of the show.

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‘Presumed Innocent’

Presumed Innocent — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Presumed Innocent — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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In the mood for some legal drama? "Presumed Innocent" should be your next watch, and yes, it’s a remake of the 1990 movie starring Harrison Ford. The series centers on Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal), a prosecutor in a large city who finds himself accused of the brutal murder of his colleague, Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve). Her murder shakes the legal community and Rusty's life as he struggles to prove his innocence. 

As Rusty becomes the prime suspect, his personal and professional worlds begin to unravel, revealing hidden secrets and challenging his perception of truth and justice. “Presumed Innocent” promises to be a gripping narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and I'm sure you'll be questioning the nature of Rusty's innocence and the flawed justice system.

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1. "Presumed Innocent" (2024)
2. "Dark Matter" (2024)
3. "Land of Women" (2024)
4. "Defending Jacob" (2020)
5. "Acapulco" (2021)
6. "Ted Lasso" (2020)
7. "Trying" (2020)
8. "Loot" (2022)
9. "Palm Royale" (2024)
10. "The Morning Show" (2019)

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