Yes! Snag the iPhone 14 for $500 off in this Black Friday sale

iPhone 14 black friday deal at Xfinity Mobile
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If your Black Friday deal wishlist includes one of the best 5G phones at a big discount, you should head over to Xfinity Mobile. The Comcast-backed wireless carrier has a phone offer that's taking $500 off some of the top handsets out there.

Specifically, Xfinity Mobile's $500 discount applies to select Apple and Samsung devices as well as the Google Pixel 7. Eligible iPhones include all four iPhone 14 models as well as the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12. Eligible Samsung models include every Galaxy S22 model, the Galaxy S21 FE and both of Samsung's latest foldable phones. The Galaxy A53, an excellent midrange model that normally costs $449, is free at Xfinity, thanks to this promotion.

iPhone 14: was $829 now $330 @ Xfinity Mobile

iPhone 14: was $829 now $330 @ Xfinity Mobile
The iPhone 14 is one of many phones getting a $500 discount at Xfinity Mobile when you bring your phone number over to the carrier. You can also get a Galaxy S22 for $300, a Pixel 7 Pro for  $399, or a Galaxy Z Flip 4 for $499. The discount appears as a bill credit spread out over 24 months.

The best part of Xfinity Mobile's Black Friday deal is that you don't have to trade in any phone to qualify for the discounted price. Xfinity's only requirements are that you sign up for 24 months of service — your discount comes in the form of monthly bill credits — and that you transfer your current phone number over to Xfinity.

We currently rank Xfinity Mobile as one of the best phone carriers, and it's a great choice if you also get your internet service from Comcast. Xfinity is known for its reasonable mobile phone rates — a single line of unlimited data costs $45/month, and if you add additional lines, the cost drops to $30 per line.

What's more, Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon's far-reaching network for coverage. That includes 5G service, which has gotten faster in this past year, as Verizon brings more 5G C-Band coverage online.

Throw in the prospect of an iPhone 14 that costs just $330 instead of the normal $829 Xfinity Mobile charges or a Galaxy S22 Ultra that's $699 instead of $1,199, and a switch to Xfinity becomes all the more compelling. Xfinity's discounted phone prices run through December 6.

Not ready to change wireless providers? Our round-up of Black Friday phone deals can show you other ways to save on your next handset.

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