This 43-inch Roku TV just crashed to $199 in Cyber Monday deal

an image of the Hisense 43" RG6 4K Roku TV with a Cyber Monday deal tag
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Cyber Monday TV deals can offer the best money-saving bargains of the season, with countless incredible bargains on TVs of all types and sizes. And we're already seeing the deals pop up ahead of the big tech sales day. 

A perfect example of that is this 43-inch Hisense R6G 4K Roku TV on sale for $199 at Best Buy. While it's not the biggest TV, you get a 4K resolution making it ideal for a second bedroom as a TV for gaming on. 

Hisense 43" RG6 4K Roku TV: was $269 now $199

Hisense 43" RG6 4K Roku TV: was $269 now $199
It's not often you see a 4K smart TV for under $200. This 43" Hisense is HDR compatible and features Roku's excellent streaming system with thousands of channels. 

While the Hisense 43-inch RG6 4K Roku TV is nowhere near eligible for our list of the best TVs, but if you need a new TV on a budget then it’s well worth considering. As nice as it is to have OLED panels and all those other fanciful features, they’re not what we’d call essential. 

But Hisense has managed to pack a bunch of must-have features into this TV, and more than you’d normally expect at this price point. The 43-inch panel is rather good for a smaller room, especially if you want a 4K screen on which to use with a PS5 and Xbox Series X

On top of that the Hisense RG6 comes with all the smart features you’d expect from a modern TV. It has support for Roku TV, which should open it up to a load of the best streaming services. A trio of HDMI ports mean you can add one of the best streaming devices and have room to spare, should you decide Roku isn’t quite cutting it. There’s also support for Dolby Vision and HDR 10. 

If this particular model isn’t to your liking, be sure to check out our list of the best Black Friday TV deals to find the bargain that’s right for you. Like this 40” Samsung QLED TV for $779 at Amazon, which comes personally recommended by Tom’s Guide How-to Editor Peter Wolinski.

Plus don’t forget Cyber Monday deals extend to more than TVs, so be sure to check out our ongoing coverage for all our favorite bargains.

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