This Samsung QLED TV just hit lowest price ever for Black Friday — and I bought it

Samsung Q80B TV deal for Black Friday
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Even before the massive discount in today's Black Friday deals, I'd recommend buying this TV. I bought the Samsung 50" Q80B 4K QLED TV back in October and haven't looked back, and right now it's the lowest price we've ever seen at Amazon.

You can pick up the Samsung 50" Q80B 4K QLED TV for just $779 at Amazon, which is $218 off its usual price, representing 22% off and the biggest discount we've seen on this TV yet.

Samsung Q80B 50" QLED 4K TV: was $997 now $779 @ Amazon

Samsung Q80B 50" QLED 4K TV: was $997 now $779 @ Amazon
The Q80B is part of Samsung's latest 2022 range of QLED 4K TVs. It offers the premium build quality and stunning visuals you'd expect from a Samsung QLED TV, as well as powerful speakers for immersive sound when streaming movies. There's built-in Alexa voice control, Dolby Atmos support and Quantum XDR for deep, rich colors. Right now, it's $218 off at Amazon, which is the lowest price we've ever seen.

I bought this TV back in October after my old TV broke. I have to admit, I didn't know much about the Q80B or Samsung TVs in general, and just wanted a 50" QLED for a reasonable price, with respectable sound and from a reputable brand (given my old TV's panel broke itself). Boy, did I accidentally pick the perfect TV for me.

The Samsung Q80B's 4K QLED panel really is beautiful. It offers great contrast and rich, deep colors thanks to Samsung's Quantum XDR technology. It's bright enough that I've had no trouble watching in daylight with the TV placed next to a window, too. I can also vouch for the viewing angles, as we have a pretty odd set up in our lounge thanks to a large dog crate. The image remains accurate even at wide angles. 

What's impressed me most about this TV, however, is the sound quality. Given it's a small-ish, mid-range TV, I wasn't expecting amazing audio performance. The Q80B has exceeded all expectations, providing loud, distortion free audio all the way down into the low frequencies. It's immersive, to the point where our dogs were a little scared during a loud war movie. If you want to fill a particularly large room, though, you may still want to consider one of the best sound bars

The TV comes with Dolby Atmos support if you're planning on hooking up to a full surround system, as well as built-in Alexa voice control, so you can link it up to all of your other home devices. We found the Alexa control to be a bit frustrating, however, and turned it off, as it failed to properly pair with our other Echo devices — our timers, for example, only set on the TV rather than across all our devices. 

There are also a few other minor annoyances. Samsung's Multi View feature, for instance, automatically splits the screen when you cast a video and can be fiddly to disable (thankfully, we have a tutorial on how to disable automatic Multi View on a Samsung TV). There's also no full-screen TV guide when watching terrestrial TV, so you can't see what's going to be on next!  

Both of those are pretty small issues, though, and haven't detracted much from what is otherwise a really awesome TV for the money. Be sure to check out our Black Friday TV deals live blog for more great savings. 

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