Echo Dot with Clock just crashed to $34 for Black Friday deal — with a free smart bulb

Amazon has a deal on the Echo Dot 5 with Clock
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Black Friday is a great opportunity to get a deal on Amazon's own devices. This year is no different with a wide range of prices and discounts across Alexa-powered speakers, displays and other smart assistants. The online retailer is already discounting several of its products, including some of the latest flagship models that are barely a few months old in its early Black Friday deals

Right now, the Echo Dot 5 with Clock is on sale for $34.50 at Amazon. That’s more than 40% off its full list price, and with the addition of a free Kasa smart color changing light bulb, normally worth $13.50 on its own, the deal is even better. Alternatively, the Echo Show 8 (2021) is also on sale for $49.99 at Amazon. That’s a sizeable 62% discount over the usual price.

Echo Dot 5 with Clock (2022): was $59 now $34 @ Amazon
Free smart bulb!

Echo Dot 5 with Clock (2022): was $59 now $34 @ Amazon
Free smart bulb!
This beautiful Cloud Blue Echo Dot 5 looks amazing on any surface. With its digital display it can show the latest time, the artist currently playing or provide a perfect egg timer for the kitchen. Behind the fabric-swathed exterior is the full power of the Amazon Alexa smart assistant. This model has now dropped to just $34 in the early Black Friday deals and includes a Kasa Smart Color changing light bulb worth $13.

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen) in Cloud Blue is a beautiful and unassuming smart speaker for any environment. It is the quintessential smart home device — acting as an alarm clock with a solid-sounding smart speaker and multi-functional LED display on its side. 

It is also a useful gadget behind the fabric-swathed exterior. It comes with a built-in eero Wi-Fi extender and a room temperature sensor that can be used with Alexa routines and your smart thermostat.

The bundled Kasa Smart Bulb is dimmable, color-changing, and works without a hub. It can be directly connected to Alexa or a Google Home and its brightness is up to 1000 Lumens.

What’s more, for the current deal price of just $34, the Echo Dot with Clock is one of the most accessible smart home entry points. Gaining five stars in our Tom's Guide Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen) review and being dubbed Editor's Choice, this is a deal not to be missed.

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