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Black Friday SteelSeries gaming deal: Mouse, keyboard and headset for $100

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

When it comes to Black Friday deals, fewer categories are more difficult to navigate than gaming. There are so many gaming gadgets, from so many different manufacturers, that it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are a few gaming manufacturers that you can always trust, and SteelSeries is one of them.

SteelSeries, a Danish company that specializes in PC gaming gear, puts out some of our favorite mice, keyboards and headsets. Now, you can save on all three (plus a mouse pad) with the SteelSeries Premier Gaming Bundle for $99 @ Target (opens in new tab) (savings of $30). If you’re just getting started in the wonderful world of PC gaming, it’s the perfect bundle to start off on the right foot.

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SteelSeries Premier Gaming Bundle: was $129 now $99 @ Target (opens in new tab)
The SteelSeries Premier Gaming Bundle includes a SteelSeries Rival 3 mouse, a SteelSeries Apex 3 keyboard, a SteelSeries Arctis 1 headset and a SteelSeries QcK mouse pad. They're all excellent accessories, particularly if you're just starting out in the world of PC gaming.

The SteelSeries Premier Gaming Bundle comprises four separate components: the SteelSeries Rival 3 gaming mouse, the SteelSeries Apex 3 gaming keyboard, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 gaming headset and the SteelSeries QcK mouse pad.

We won’t go into tremendous detail about these products, save to say that they’re all excellent entry-level peripherals. The Rival 3 is a straightforward gaming mouse with a few extra buttons; the Apex 3 is a membrane gaming keyboard with pretty RGB lighting and a comfortable wrist rest; the Arctis 1 is an intuitive gaming headset with a detachable mic and plush foam earcups; the QcK mouse pad is pretty much what it sounds like.

To be perfectly frank, there are higher-end gaming peripherals on sale this Friday, and you can learn more about them in our Black Friday gaming peripherals guide. However, even with Black Friday sales, a full set of PC accessories could set you back $300 or more. To hit the ground running for less than $100 is an excellent deal, particularly since you can use the Arctis 1 with consoles as well.

If the SteelSeries bundle doesn’t meet your needs, be sure to check out our general Black Friday gaming deals page, where we break down all sorts of gaming sales, and which ones are generally worth your time. Otherwise, grab the SteelSeries premier gaming bundle while you can, as peripherals sometimes get a little scarce as the end of the year approaches.

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