Apple just launched a huge upgrade for Vision Pro Personas

The spatial personas on Apple Vision Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro has added a new feature that could make collaborating with others feel more lifelike, even if you’re inside the headset.

Dubbed Spatial Personas, the feature will now allow Apple Vision Pro owners to collaborate while all wearing a Vision Pro, thanks to FaceTime and expanded use of SharePlay.

Upon putting the Vision Pro on, users can start a FaceTime call with someone else and choose the Spatial Persona option to start their spatial call. From there, they can open an app, like Freeform, or watch movies or TV shows, with those they’re talking to. In order to collaborate with each other, users will need to choose the SharePlay option in the apps that support it.

If this feature sounds familiar, it’s because Apple showcased its Spatial Personas feature last year. However, when the Apple Vision Pro launched, the feature was conspicuously absent. It’s unclear why Apple didn’t release Spatial Personas at launch, but it’ll now be available as part of the free visionOS 1.1 update.

Spatial Personas is a decidedly interesting, if not otherworldly, type of experience. Apple says that each user can control their own viewing experience and can reposition the content everyone is engaging in without disrupting anyone else. The feature also takes advantage of Spatial Audio, so if someone to your right during a Spatial Personas call is talking, their voice will come from that direction. When you look over, you’ll see their face and mannerisms as if they’re in the room with you.

Apple has shared a video of Spatial Personas in action (seen above), with three people discussing a topic in Freeform. The viewer is able to see two people sitting around a table and interacting with the app in front of them. They’re talking as if they’re all sitting around a real-world table together.

Still, there are some limitations. For one, Spatial Personas is currently limited to five participants. It’s also unclear when, or even if, Apple increases that limit. And although Apple apps offer SharePlay connectivity, that’s not necessarily the case with third-party apps. Apple says developers are starting to use the feature, but it’s unknown how long it will take until the vast majority of apps support it.

Even so, it’s an interesting way to engage with others while wearing the Vision Pro. And it’s available now for any Vision Pro owner to check out.

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