Best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors
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Investing in the best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors can save you big bucks down the road. And you're protecting one of the best things about Samsung's flagship phone to boot.

After all, our Samsung Galaxy S23 review declared the 6.1-inch display to be one of the device's best features. It's bright, colorful and outshines the competition. So why risk damaging it with scratches or other wear and tear?

Having one of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 cases is a great way to protect your phone should it fall on a flat surface. But a screen protector offers another layer of protection — and without interfering with the S23's touch-screen or its under-display fingerprint sensor. (Speaking of that later feature, make sure to scan your finger after you apply a screen protector to make sure the phone can still detect your fingerprint.)

If you want an additional layer of protection for your smartphone's most important feature, these are the best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors to check out.  While it's been replaced by the Galaxy S24, the One UI 6.1 update breaths in new life to the Galaxy S23 with new Galaxy AI features. 

Do you need a Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protector?  

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While not everyone is willing to apply a screen protector to their phone's display, most of us are bound to drop our phones at some point. Investing in a good Galaxy S23 case with raised edges around the display can keep the screen from coming into contact with surfaces most of the time, but it's not foolproof. And if you keep your phone in your pocket with keys, loose change or even just dust and lint, you run the risk of damaging your handset's screen. 

Some phone owners bemoan the loss of their lovely glossy screen and the risk of air bubbles, but considering the cost of a screen protector and the cost of a phone, which would you rather get damaged? Besides with the right application, air bubbles shouldn’t be an issue.

 How to apply a Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protector 

The first step you should take with a Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protector is seemingly the most obvious one — make sure you're getting a screen protector designed for Samsung's 6.1-inch phone. Many if not most of the companies featured in our best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protector rankings also make versions for the 6.6-inch Galaxy S23 Plus and 6.8-inch Galaxy S23 Ultra. Get the right-sized screen protector for your Samsung phone. 

Getting a screen protector to stick perfectly aligned on the first try can be hard and even ruin the protector. Some protectors come with tools to apply them quickly and perfectly, and the best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors at least feature a video of someone fitting them, with either a dry or "wet" method that uses a solution normally included in the box. 

Before applying any protector, wipe the Galaxy S23 screen first with a cloth — the last thing you want to do is trap dust or dirt under there permanently. Bubbles are another problem people often have with a screen protector, and they certainly can be infuriating. After you’ve installed your screen protector flat, try using a credit card, squeegee, or even just your fingers to massage any bubbles away.

How we rank the best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors 

Screen protectors may all seem similar but that’s why it’s important for us to bring the best Galaxy S23 screen protectors to your attention. When judging a screen protector, we consider the durability and protection it offers, the price of the protector, the potential impact it has on the touchscreen and display, and how easy it is to accurately apply. Any extra features such as a privacy display will also come into our consideration. 

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