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Best hardware selection under $100 – AT&T

UPDATED: 23 Tips For Choosing A Carrier

Verizon has 21 feature phones under $100 and two over $100, and 16 of them are free with a two-year contract. There are also five free smartphones, three for one cent, and 10 smartphones under $100, including Droids, BlackBerrys and the Palm Pre. It also has one netbook and three HotSpot base stations, ranging from $49.99 for the 3G model or $99.99 for the 4G models.

AT&T has a whopping 21 free phones, almost all BlackBerry and Droid, plus the Palm pre and feature phones. Some are online-only deals, including a refurbed iPhone 3GS 8GB version (with a cosmetic blemish) for 1 cent. It has 38 phones under $100, from feature phones to Android and BlackBerry, including the newest BlackBerry on the market, the Torch. It also has USB modems and HotSpots under $100.

T-Mobile has 11 free phones, most of them Droid and BlackBerry smartphones and 18 phones under $100, plus USB modems, a netbook and the Dell Streak.

Sprint's free phones are really a case of getting what you pay for. There are no smartphones except for the Palm Pixi. It has 18 phones under $100, almost all BlackBerrys.

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